23rd March 2016

Home security after being burgled

Home security is something that I didn’t really bother about. I always locked my doors but that was about all the security I had. Home security after being burgled makes everything a different ball game.

Its was 27th December 2009 and a friend and I decided to go for a few drinks to the pub. We didn’t see each other than much as she was always busy and so was I.

We had a lovely day catching up and decided to go home, get changed and go out that night. She was going to stay over at my house and go home in the morning.

We ended up getting a taxi home around midnight and went to bed. We actually hadn’t been drinking that much and just enjoyed meeting up again. She left her bags downstairs and bearing in mind this was 2 days after Christmas all the presents I had been given were also still downstairs.

I had no alarm on the house, I had only been living there for 2 months and it was a lovely area. We went up to bed and fell asleep.

In the morning I went downstairs to make a cuppa tea ,made one and went back upstairs. I didn’t notice anything as I was still half asleep. After we had finished the tea we decided to go downstairs and Limara my friend had to get going. She went downstairs and shouted to ask me why her bag was tipped out all over the floor. I said I had no idea and had one of the cats knocked it over. I then realised that one of my cats was outside which was also weird because I had only just moved there the cats were not allowed out.  I let the cat in and then Limara realised that I had been burgled. We then noticed that one thing was gone which was my DVD player and the WII and then you look around and notice so much stuff has been taken.

Whilst looking around the room in panic it became clear the amount of things which have actually been taken. We called the police who actually arrived within minutes. The SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) team also came out and dusted everywhere for finger prints. I called my Mum and Dad crying.

When we had calmed down a bit Limara and I had a chat. We found it so scary that we had actually been in the house fast asleep whilst someone had broken in and stolen almost everything they could carry. We knew it was after we had got in that night because she had got her Pjs out of her bag, the bag which was thrown all over the kitchen floor in the morning.

We gave out statements to the police and they were amazing.

That night my Mum slept at the house with me as I was terrified. The next day I called up our local alarm company to have an alarm fitted. We had all the locks changed which the insurance paid for and I had blinds fitted in the conservatory for more security. Ever since that night I have always slept with the landing light on. Clearly now its only for the kids (she tells herself) however this is something that you can not ever 100% get over.

I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone, it is a feeling that your privacy has been invaded. Security in your home is something that should be taken very serious. You always think it won’t happen to you like I did and here I am telling my story about being a victim of burglary.

Ever since this incident I have been considerably more security conscious and paint more attention to the burglary prevention advice out there. The Spring Months provide the perfect opportunity to invest in home security measures as the annual spring clean often means a revamp to your home interiors and exteriors.

The security experts at Yale have provided this great infographic containing interesting facts and advice about security to help raise awareness of this serious issue. This can help and prevent others from experiencing the same situation as myself.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 21.20.28


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9 responses to “Home security after being burgled”

  1. Jennifer says:

    That’s a scary story. It was this happening to some friends of ours that prompted us to get a burglar alarm fitted in our house, the thought terrified me, thank you for raising awareness!

  2. Zoe Forde says:

    That’s so horrible; it makes you feel so vulnerable when someone has been inside your home.

  3. Oh my gosh, that must have been an awful ordeal to go through. Your home is meant to be the one place you feel safe and when that safety is violated it must just be a really scary place to find yourself. xxx

  4. Oh goodness, I’m so sorry to hear you went through this. How scary to think they had been in the house when you were upstairs. Glad you and your friend were both unharmed though. It happened to a friend of mine too, they broke in while everyone was upstairs asleep and ransacked the downstairs. Definitely good to be security-aware though. x

  5. Oh no what a horrible experience. The fact that it happened when u were both upstairs is scary.

  6. Such a scary thought! I’m so sorry this happened to you. So grateful that you both weren’t hurt xx

  7. so scary – it sounds like a horrible experience. the stats are interesting too

  8. Great advice! It must be terrifying being burgled and your private space being invaded like that.

  9. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry. These info graphics are so useful.

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