31st July 2018

Hollywood Baby!

OK so it may not be Hollywood USA but it is the Brand spanking new Hollywood Bowl in Peterborough formally AMF.

Bowling isn’t something that we do as a family much. Not because we don’t enjoy it just because there wasn’t a nice bowling alley around here. Hollywood bowl is now located where the old AMF bowl was in Peterborough and it really is fantastic inside.

We went down as a family to try out the new VIP lanes and I have to say they are so good. Especially if you are having a birthday party and all for an extra £1 per person or £2 including a milkshake. The bowling balls which flash were a real hit with the boys, especially when bowling in the dark you can see them flashing down the lane. There a 4 VIP lanes and each enclosure has 2 lanes. If you are looking for a more private function they really are worth the extra. As you can see from the pictures below the VIP lanes have big comfy sofas and dividers between the lanes.


The newly refurbished arcade was a huge hit with us as a family too. The games machines are all new and lucky when we attend they were all on free play. We were able to try them out and the kids loved them. Doug and I had so much fun on the basket ball, whilst the kids made a bee line for the car racing games. I have to admit though I did love the Space Invaders game, I spent way to long playing this and was overly excited when I got to number 5 on the leaderboard! 

This is the part which surprised me the most I have to say. Usually the food at the places is OK but nothing to write home about. We tasted burgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs and I am over the moon the say the food was of a very good standard, Doug who is VERY fussy about food even ate it which means it was good. If you are on a VIP lane you can have food delivered over to your lane or if you prefer you can eat in the fully refurbished Diner. 

For a great family day/evening out this really is a lovely place to go to now. We will certainly be going back as both boys loved the bowling. Even if it isn’t bowling you are wanting to do then you are able to go into the arcade and just play the games there.

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