21st January 2015

Holidays for 2015 for our family

This year we decided not to go abroad due to having Bubs here and still being very young. Although  I wouldn’t mind travelling with a baby, its everything that goes with it. Needing to take the milk, nappies, sterelising equipment, bottles the list goes on. So we decided staying in the UK would be the best option this year.

We are off to Centre Parcs later on in the year, which  we are all looking forward to. We are going to the new Centre Parcs at Woburn. We have been to Thetford and Nottingham and loved both of them. We do however think that Woburn doesnt look so established as the others. So we are waiting till we get there to see what we think rather than reading what other people are saying. The whole family love Centre Parcs as we can get out in the fresh air, go on our bikes and have lots of fun outside in the lovely fresh air. My parents will also be joining us on this holiday which they have done on our last couple of trips to Centre Parcs. They help out by have the kids for a few hours so we can have some time to our selves which is really lovely.

Secondly we are planning on going to haven. Haven is a place I have been to many times and think this place is absolutely perfect for children. The other half isn’t sure about haven but I am yet to change his mind. While we all love Centre parcs and it is great for outdoors, I think Haven is more geared up for kids with activities and entertainment later on at night. I have many amazing times at Haven Parks when I was a child and I really hope Bubs and Little Man get the same.

We also have a third holiday now thanks to Bluestones in Wales. We have been invited to stay at the park in return for a review. We are all so excited about this holiday and think the lodge we are staying in looks fab. This is going to be quite a long drive for us just under 5 hours more like 7 with stops though. This wont stop us getting excited about it though. The journey is all part of the holiday, that is if Little Man doesn’t keep asking every 5 mins how much longer.

So all in all we have a fab year of holidays planned and really cant wait to go away with the family and have a fantastic time.

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  1. I have several holidays booked for this year already too! An England break, week in Wales, Zante and Tunisia. I’ve also booked the Isle of Man TT for the Mr.

    I love to travel and it helps me having something nice to look forward to x

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