4th September 2017

Holidays, back to school,Moving home and a Birthday.

The next couple of months is going to see us in the grips of a really busy and stressful time. We are going away on holiday and flying home the day Little Man goes back to school. We are then moving home and have a 3rd birthday for Bubs thrown into the mix as well.

When you read this we will be sunning our selves on the beach in Kos and we have been looking forward to this holiday for so long. Almost a year in fact as we booked it in October 2016. Little did we realise it would be the calm before the storm. I will be updating my Instagram with its of holiday snaps, so if you don’t already follow me then pop on over and follow for lots of holiday spam.

We then arrive back into Gatwick at 1600 on the day that Little Man should be back in school. So I have already done the back to school shopping so we are ready for him to go straight back the day after we get home. Yes he will be tired but he has to go into school, don’t really want him having too much unnecessary time off.

Once we are back it is going to be full on packing, yes we are moving home at the end of September. We didn’t plan for it to be so soon after our holiday just happens to be how its fallen. The plan was to be moved by July but our chain fell apart and so did the plan to move in July.

We then have Bubs 3rd Birthday on the 15th September, so I need to make sure I have time to pop out and by him some bits.

Its going to be pretty full on and I can only imagine how stressful, on top of everything Doug will be at work and I won’t have my Mum and Dad to help pack the house as they will be away.

Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel to follow our house moving journey, I shall be Vlogging the packing up, moving day and unpacking.

So wish me luck, think I shall need it! Any house moving tips would be appreciated.

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