29th August 2016

HIPP Fruity Porridge Pouches review

I decided to try these porridge pouches out as they seem really handy to throw in your bag and use out and about when you are on the go.

They are from age 6 months and are smooth in texture. I wasn’t too sure if Bubs would like them but thought it was worth a try because of how handy they are.

We were sent 3 different flavours, Fruity, apple and peach and apple-pear and apricot.


The pouches come in 100g portion size. They have no added sugar, suitable for vegetarians, contains 1 portion of fruit and has no GM or preservatives.

Bubs loved all of the pouches and they are definitely something that I would buy if we are going out as a snack in the car or just to throw in my bag for a ‘just in case’ moment.

The pouches are perfect for babies who are just starting to have first tastes as well. I tried a little bit and they are really tasty.

The pouches cost £1 which I think is quite expensive if you are looking to buy a lot, however they are no more expensive than any other brand.

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