16th November 2012

Help, Macdonalds!!

I have a question for all you Mummy and Daddys out there. What do you think about children having McDonalds?

Me and the other half have different opinions on this one. I think that once in a while is OK. Now by once in a while I mean once every 2-3 months. While the other half thinks little man should never have a McDonalds and it’s really bad for him.

I was out with little man on Tuesday and he had not eaten his lunch before we went out. While we were out in town he decided he was really hungry. So one the way to pick Daddy up from work I popped to McDonalds and got him a happy meal. Chicken nuggets and chips with an orange juice. The last time he had a McDonalds before this time was about 5 months ago. He absolutely loved it and literally scoffed it all. I’ll share a really cute picture with you of him eating it.

What do you all think about this subject, and who do you agree with?

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One response to “Help, Macdonalds!!”

  1. I think considering his age, and the fact he doesn’t have it often is fine, its classed as a treat 🙂 I’m pretty sure the chicken nuggets are 100% chicken breast and the orange juice is tropicana, only bad thing really is the chips but they can be made at home so no harm done, if it was every day then I would say no lol x

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