30th September 2013

Heat Holders, Review


heat holders

As some of you may know, The other half and I were supposed to go to Reading Festival this year. Unfortunately we were both ill and unable to go which was a massive shame. Last year we had such a fab time.

However I was going to review a pair of socks called Heat Holders at the festival. They are a long Wellington socks that keep your feet really warm. I am writing a review of the socks still just not from my festival experience.



We were lucky enough to be sent 2 pairs one for the other half and one for myself. The other half had a black pair and mine were pink. Great as they go with my wellies which are pink with white spots.

About the socks…

  • The Original Ultimate Thermal Sock!
  • Intense Brushing Process, High Bulk Insulating Yarn & Extra Long Cushion Loops
  • 2.3 Tog Rating
  • Gentle Grip Welt

They are fabulous, so comfy and warm and so soft inside. They pull right up to the knee and then can be tucked over the top of the wellie.



The inside of the sock. So warm and comfy


They come in many different colours such as black, pink, indigo, deep fuchsia, purple and raspberry The retail price for these socks does vary depending on what type you buy and the size. But it is around £4 to £10 You can find the socks for sale on Amazon. I would 100% recommend these socks for the winter. You can even wear them in and around the house. They will certainly keep your feet really warm.



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