9th November 2016

Healthy Food Survival Guide For Busy Mums

If you think it’s impossible to work and cook at the same time, think again. Millions of moms are finding smart ways to eat healthier, for themselves and their kids. Take a look at these ideas.

Make Meals On Two Or Three Nights A Week
Some mums think that they have to cook every night if they want to make the switch to home cooked food. But that isn’t always true. Most of the time you can get away with cooking two or three times a week. Make up a big batch of food, like a lasagne or stew. Then make extra for the next day and keep it in the refrigerator.



Keep Cooking Simple And Delicious
Another common mistake is thinking that you have to produce Michelin star quality food every night. You don’t. Often the tastiest meals are those that are the simplest and easiest to make. Fresh ingredients cooked traditionally are better than you imagine. Plus, all that’s often required is a bit of chopping, frying and boiling.

Grow Your Own
With the rise of concerns about GMO foods and pesticides, more and more people are choosing to go organic. But going organic is expensive.


As a mum, you can get around this problem by growing some of your own food. Start off with simple homegrown produce, like tomatoes and raspberry canes. Then, once you’ve built up experience, move onto more challenging crops, like cabbages and lettuces. Make sure you focus your efforts on growing the produce that is going to save you the most money at the checkout.

Make Your Own Convenience Foods
One of the reasons people fall into bad habits in the kitchen is that they just want to eat something convenient. Nothing is easier than grabbing a ready meal out of the freezer, putting it in the microwave and waiting for the timer to run down but convenience foods don’t necessarily have to be processed junk. For instance, you can make your own healthy alternatives to ketchup and mayonnaise using less sugar and fat. You can also start munching on healthy pickled foods, like beetroot and sauerkraut. Finally, don’t forget to stock up your refrigerator with fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are great as a grab-and-go snack as well as for making smoothies for your kids.

Buy Your Provisions In Bulk
Your family gets through an enormous amount of food every week, especially things like cheese, meat, and eggs. It makes a lot of sense, therefore, to buy these products in bulk and saving the difference.

You can also join the Community Support Agriculture program. Here your vegetables will be boxed and delivered straight to your door. What’s more, they’ll be fresher than supermarket produce that’s been left on the shelf for a week or more.


And Finally…
Don’t think that you have to make all these changes all at once. Changing your eating habits is a big lifestyle decision. The best advice is to lean into it and be flexible. If you can’t cook one night, don’t beat yourself up about it.

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