14th April 2017

He is our child not yours

Had to just remind myself that Little man is our child AND NOT the school/governments.

I have to say I am so very disappointed at the Supreme Court ruling on term time holidays. I was watching the news on the day I knew this was going to the Supreme court and as soon as I found out the ruling had been made not in the favour of us parents I was utterly disappointed.

I currently have one child in school and one in nursery so for this post I am just going to focus on Little Man who is in school. It almost feel like the school and government think they now own him. We live in this dictatorship of how we can and can’t bring our children up and what we can and can’t do and now when we can and can’t take them on holiday, excuse my language but it is a load of bollocks!

I am absolutely furious at the Supreme Court ruling, maybe rather than fining parents they should be looking into why the holiday companies charge an exterminate amount for holidays in school holiday time. Maybe if holidays companies didn’t hike the prices up so much parents wouldn’t take their children out of school in term time.

So will we still take them out of school during term time… YES! and here is why…

Price… As mentioned above holidays are just far to expensive in school holiday time. We live on the Cambridgeshire / Lincolnshire boarder and the school holidays are different we are always a week later than the Lincolnshire school. Holiday companies know school’s work like this so hike up their prices for the full start to finish of all schools. So the May holiday is one week but the prices increase for 2 weeks. Try to spot when the holiday weeks are… Yes absolute BS! Is this fair? NO it’s not fair and this is the main reason we will continue to take Little Man out of school. It’s the exact same holiday, exact same length of time, in the exact same accommodation in fact the whole bloody thing is exactly the same apart from 2 weeks being in school holiday time. The price is almost £800 more expensive and £600 more for the second week. The second week is cheaper because for the 7 nights it goes back into term time hence it dropping slightly.

Fine is cheaper…The fine is so much cheaper than paying the extra amount for going in school holiday time. I would rather pay the fine than paying £600- £800 more by going out of term time. Although I don’t agree with the fines what so ever I would rather pay it.

Will it really affect him…? Parents need to use some common sense about taking their children out of school. If your child has really poor attendance or is taking exams then it could be a bad decision to take them out. If you child has good attendance and is doing well at school with no exams coming up will it really effect them. Little man has really good attendance and is one of the high performers in his class, what will he miss in a week? Yes he will miss out on some work but will it really effect him so much he will be a total failure in life.

It’s not the same across the board… Not all schools issue fines and this isn’t fair. It needs to be the same across the board, either all fine or non fine. Home schooling does not apply to this neither does parents who send their children to private schools. How the hell is that fair? Why are children in private schools allowed to go on holiday? End of the day if that child wasn’t in private school they would be in a main stream school, but just because they have to pay for their education it is deemed acceptable for them to go away on holiday.

Should we home school… Why can people who home school take their children on holiday? Should we home school in order to feel like our child doesn’t belong to anyone else apart from us (his parents) At the end of the day he is our child but the government like to dictate to us like they own him. It is fine for school to close when ever they feel they need to. It was only last year when Little Man was in reception and the teachers went on strike, he had the day off school and missed a day’s education but oh yeah that was OK. It was absolutely fine for him to have that one day off. If we wanted to take him out for just the one day though it would be an issue.

Parents will lie… Parents will lie and call their children in sick rather than asking for permission to go on holiday. Personally this isn’t something I could do, i just can’t lie about either of my boys being sick but some parents do. If parents want to take their children away they will either tell the truth, lie or find away around it.

Taking work with us… Although Little Man is really excelling at school we have asked if he could have some homework to take with us in May. We are only going to Centre parts but it is for my 30th Birthday and wanted to do something more special than staying at home. Little Man loves to do work at home and is always asking me to write some sums, or play telling the time. His teach is going to send us a little bit of work for him to do over the week we are away which will correspond to the work they will be doing that week in school.

Are we criminals…? Yes it would seem that we are because taking you children out of school during term time is a criminal offence. Maybe more should be done to concentrate on capturing murderers or rapists rather than fining parents and labelling them as a criminal for taking their children on holiday

So after all that I am really upset and saddened by the ruling. I am hoping that maybe in time this will be looked at again and the government will realise this is ludicrous or at least make the rules the same across the board.

What do you think about this? Has the court ruling made you think twice about taking your child out of school? Will you take your child out in term time?

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2 responses to “He is our child not yours”

  1. sarah says:

    the supreme Court was deciding if the parents had broken the law by taking the child on holiday they had broken the law and so that’s why the decision was as it was. with regards to staff going on strike, they’re entitled too as part of the law on collective action and the government doesn’t support it, teachers are striking in protest at the changes made. by various education ministers.

    whilst I appreciate he frustration energies would be better focused on changing the law and rules around school time.holidays rather than bemoaning that a judge acted in accordance with the law.

  2. sophierj says:

    To the previous commenter… Based on case law, a High Court judge had already ruled that “regular” attendance at school, which is the law, meant that, based on 2 previous cases attending school “frequently” is what is required. The parent knew his child had almost perfect attendance so believed, based on precedence, that he was acting within the law, and the fine was not lawful. A High COURT judge agreed, but the local authority decided to appeal, and the Supreme Court judge ruled that precedence was wrong (despite our legal system being based on itl) and ruled that the previous cases had been wrong, therefore was able to overturn the High Court judge.

    When you talk about home education, that is the legal default in this country. When you delegate that responsibility to the state, and send them to state school, you must abide by the state rules including term time holidays. When you home educate, you have to provide a “full time education” suitable to the child’s age, ability etc. “Full time” is not defined in law, there is no monitoring, and children can learn all year round. We have just started to officially home educate, as my daughter turned compulsory school age…we learn all year round, every day has some learning element to it. My 5 year old is doing year 2 stuff because she has learned at her own pace and there is no pressure…. we take afternoons, days, weeks off when we want, because we can…the flexibility is one of the main benefits to us and when my youngest is 5 we will tour different continents each year for 3-4 months, obviously during term time, because it’s cheaper!!

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