3rd August 2015

Having a Planned C-section??

This is a guide for any one having a planned section. Whether this be your first or second or more having a section can be a scary thought. You can read on the NHS about c-sections but I find it is nicer to read from someone who has actually experienced it.

I had my first section in 2011 and this was an emergency. I will write more about this is another post, today were concentrating on Mummy’s to be having a planned section. Also this is great for Daddy’s too so they also know what to expect. It can be just as scary for the man as it is for the lady.

So I had my planned section in September 2014 so its still very fresh in my mind.


People have sections for many different reasons. This can be due to previous complications, previous section, medical conditions making you unable to deliver naturally. You will discuss this with your consultant to make sure you are making to correct decision. Once you are 100% sure a section is the way forward you will sign a consent form to say you are aware of the risks. You will then choose your section date, usually this will be in your 39th week of pregnancy.


3 or 4 days before your section you need to go in for your pre-op. Here the midwife will ask you to take swabs from your mouth, behind your ear, in your groin and under your arm. All you do is rub a cotton “like” bub on these areas. This is to check for MRSA and to make sure you are not carrying it. If you are found to be carrying it you will need to attend a local hospital and shower yourself in a special liquid that kills the MRSA. So no panic if it comes back you are carrying it. They also will take blood from you. This can be your chance to ask any questions you may have, any worries, any concerns. The appointment takes between 15 to 30 minutes depending on if you have a lot or little to talk about. You will also be given a prescription for 2 tablets that you need to take the night before and the morning of your section. These tablets help to settle your stomach acid. You will also be told not to eat or drink from midnight the night before. This is in case you are sick from the Spinal block used in the section. This is a side effect and can make you sick so no eating or drinking is very important. You will then be told what time to arrive on your section day.


If you have any questions about anything I have spoken about please do message me. I am happy to answer what I can. I am by no means an expert. I am just a normal Mummy who has had a planned section and can remember it clearly.

Part 2 to come… The emergency section. This can vary in each person’s experience quite a bit, I will however talk about my experience on the blog very soon.

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  1. My baby days are over so won’t have to experience this but it is fascinating to find out what happens. I always wondered what the pre-op was for! Thanks for linking up to #SuperparentSaturday!

  2. Wow that brings back some pretty nasty memories for me. Both my pregnancies ended up in EMCs so it’s been interesting to read how different it is when it’s planned. Thanks for linking up to #SuperparentSaturday x

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