10th July 2017

Growing our own veg with the kids

A couple of years ago we took the plunge and decided to rent an allotment in our local area. When I lived at home with my parents we had the biggest garden and had ample room to grow our own veg at home. I used to help my Dad set the seeds and plants and loved to watch them grow. Once they were ready it was fantastic to go an pick them our selves and cook what we had grown.

My kids absolutely love veg and fruit and so I thought it would be a great idea to do this with our boys. Little Man has been to the allotment many times but it is only this year where he has become more interested in actually setting the seeds and watching the veg and fruit grow. We have fruit trees, carrots, potatoes, cabbages, lettuces and much more. I think that home grown always tastes so much nicer as well and its is so rewarding when you actually grow your own veg and then cook and eat it yourself.

My dad has helped to make the allotment a lovely place for the kids to go to. There is a patio and seating area for us to sit and have lunch, a path down the middle leading down the fruit trees and raspberry bushes at the bottom of the garden. We also have a Polytunnel where we grow tomatoes, freshly picked warm tomatoes are just the best aren’t they?

You don’t have to spend loads to set up an allotment. As long as you have some tools, seeds to grow your own veg, maybe a few cages to cover up the shoots when they are first growing and possibly a glasshouse or easier a polytunnel. These items are not the most expensive and if you are thinking of getting an allotment or already have one Premier Polytunnel’s have some fantastic items to help you along your way and to get the best out of your fruit and veg.

Do you grow you own veg and get the kids involved? Let me know below what you like to grow.

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