8th September 2015

Gro Egg Review from the Gro Company

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Recently we were lucky enough to be given the chance to review the Gro egg from The Gro Company. I was super excited as the Gro Egg is something I have always had my eye on and toyed with the idea of buying.

Background…The Gro company is a global company based in the UK.The Gro Company is an award-winning and industry accredited manufacturer of safer sleep solutions. The company is most know for its Gro-bag, the number one baby sleep bag in the UK. The Gro-bag is endorsed by the Lullaby Trust too. Be sure to check out all of their products from The Gro Company

The Gro Egg which we have been sent to review tells you the temperature digitally and by using colours. It is designed to go into your babies room so you can see the temperature and decide on the best way to dress your baby for bed. The Gro Egg uses 3 different soft colours Blue, Amber and Red to let you know at a quick glance the around about temperature of your babies room. However it does also tell you the exact temperature digitally on the front of the egg. I love the little smiley faces too which show up with sad faces for too hot or cold and a happy face for just right. Not only does The Gro Egg tell you the temperature it doubles up as a really soft night-light in your babies room. The colour is very soft and gives off just enough light to comfort your baby. I have not been able to get a picture of the red light or blue light just yet. I’m not hopeful of seeing the red light at the moment either now being September.






You can also buy add ons to The Gro Egg. You can pop onto the normal egg 3 different shells which are… an Owl, Monkey and a Penguin. They simply pop onto the top of the egg and can easily be changed or taken off.

In my opinion this should be a must have in any babies room. Temperature is a big thing especially newborn babies who are unable to regulate their own body temperature easily. I always panic that Bubs room is too hot or too cold and now I don’t need to worry. The Gro Egg runs off the mains and come with the mains plug and cord. I feel the price of the egg which is £21.99 is very reasonable. You can’t put a price on your babies safety.

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9 responses to “Gro Egg Review from the Gro Company”

  1. Erica Price says:

    It’s a nice addition to the nursery, but I think it would be practical as they get older too. I can see my 8 year old liking the night light and clock features.

  2. Gosh what a unique addition to any child’s room or babies nursery a Gro Egg would be. Safety doesn’t have a price in my opinion. =)

  3. I think the gro eggs are amazing too. My sister has one for my little nephew. Things have come on so much since my boys were babies and needed nursery equipment

  4. This sounds like a great product. Gauging the temperature of a room for a baby has been a never ending worry of mine

  5. Jada Lewendon says:

    I love egg shaped items, but hate eggs aha! I purposely purchased Spud an egg eraser once just so I could have a hold!

    Back to the review though, what a brilliant products, babies can overheat quite quickly and so I think it’s important to monitor the temperature! Such a brilliant product! x

  6. Ana De-Jesus says:

    This gro egg is so funky and works as a great way of monitoring temperature!

  7. lifewithmunchers says:

    This is the one thing I never understand. I’ve yet to see a baby monitor that doesn’t provide a room temperature reading. As cute as it is and I love everything ‘gro’, it’s not something we’d use for that reason.

  8. The Gro products are fantastic! We have the blackout blind and its ideal for travelling x

  9. This looks such a good product – we love the Gro Company and have the Gro Light which is also brilliant. Kaz x

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