7th August 2017

Going into year 2

We are now 2 weeks into the summer holidays and time just seems to be going by so fast… Too fast.

Little man completed his second year at school and will be heading into year 2 really soon. It seems like only 5 minutes since he was going into reception on his very first day. So I just want to write everything down so we can remember this time in his life for years and years to come.

Little Man it seems like only yesterday since you were starting school, now look at you and what you have grown into.

Here you are on your first day at school.

You have grown so much since starting school and you amaze us every single day. I am amazed at what you learn and what you know, sometimes you talk about things you have learnt that not even I know about. I remember once i was helping you with your homework and I was shocked that it was something you were learning in year 1.

On your very first day in reception you were so nervous and I will NEVER forgot your little face looking at me not to leave you. You walked over to one of the classroom helpers in the science area and you dressed up as a scientist. It was at that point I had to leave you and I cried all the way home. During that year you grow so much and change into a lovely young boy. You made friends, went to birthday parties, went on play dates.

It was a time of making things for school, remember the fish box we had to make I think I had the most fun!

We can’t forget that you broke you collar bone at school in reception. The school called me and I had to come and pick you up. What a brave little soldier you were that day, you didn’t really cry and didn’t seem to be in much pain. I took you to the doctors and they didn’t think it was broke, but the next day you still wasn’t moving it and so we had an x-ray and sure enough it was broken. You missed your very first sports day due to having your arm in a sling. I think I was more upset about it than you were.

After reception ended and you were going into year 1 I knew you would be fine starting on your first day. You ended up missing your first 2 weeks of year 1 due to our holiday. When you did start though we wasn’t worried at all and you settled in straight away. You were with your friends and you knew your way around now. You had the most amazing teacher that you absolutely loved.

I remember the pictures you used to draw for your teacher but then get to shy to hand them in to her.

You were in top group for everything you did at school and you have become a very academic little boy. You have absolutely amazed us this year at school. You always got your spelling correct every week. You had the most amazing parents evening report and even after having the first 2 weeks off school you were still one of the top performers. Your teacher told us that you always listen very carefully and take everything in, you always try your best, you are a lovely young boy, you are a great member of the class and you are a very popular member of the class and all of this makes everyone so proud of you.

You had many school trips this year and each trip filled me with anxiety, I don’t like to put my trust in someone else and letting you go off on the bus with school didn’t get any easier the more times you went. You had some great trips out in year 1 including the Dinosaur park and the seaside. You had an absolutely lovely time at all of the trips and I was so glad to see you and give you a big cuddle after your day of fun with your friends and teachers.

Thank goodness in year 1 we didn’t have to do so much craft work, but it did see you start getting homework and you loved it. You were always too keen to complete your homework on the day you came home with it.

At the end of year 1 your school report was just outstanding and the whole family were super proud of you. What an amazing year you had.

Your last day in year 1… oh and it looks like you have been kissing some girls along the way with all those teeth you have lost.

I just hope that year 2 brings all the same enthusiasm and the same level of working.  As long as at all times you try your best we will all be proud of you. You can only try your best darling, carry on growing into a beautiful, clever, caring and gentle little boy and you will go far.

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