18th July 2017

Go Vintage Or Go Home!

Having vintage touches within a home creates the idea of untold stories that whisper secrets to one another. The more random a piece is, the more curiosity it brings, so you don’t need to be a professional interior designer to get it right. It’s all about what your item is, and where you plan on putting it.

Here’s what you need to know.

Vintage Clock
Grandfather clocks hold a powerful presence over a room that not only tell you the time, but a story. If you have a particularly large room to fill, the clock works well as it won’t be too overpowering in size, while still standing out from your other items and furniture.

Vintage Painting
If you love going to art museums and looking at all the different pieces hanging high on the walls, then why not use one of your blank canvases to showcase someone’s talent. Now, you may not be able to get an original painting done by Van Gogh, as that would be pretty pricey (to say the least!) but there are incredible artists out there worth having a place on your wall, so have a look around.

Vintage Sofa
A chesterfield leather sofa is a great style for this kind of look. Its strong wooden frame holds up the fully upholstered hand-buttoned arms, and back, leaving you with an antiqued leather finish that has been carefully rubbed back to highlight the appearance of aging. This looks great in front of an open fireplace in the evening, giving you a true regal essence.

Vintage Fireplace
If you’re planning on building a fireplace, or giving what you currently have a bit of a makeover – stick with the vintage feel. You can do this by making it an original open fire that uses coal to burn. Pair that up with a beautiful hand crafted fire guard that uses woven metal to protect the flame from spitting or getting too big.

Vintage Light
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about vintage lighting, is a chandelier. They are big, stunning, regal light sources that add a touch of sparkle to a room, making them the perfect centrepiece and focal point of an area, because let’s face it – they’re pretty hard to overlook. Chandeliers are best placed in the bedroom or living room. Also, you don’t want them to go in a room if it’s too busy; otherwise it will highlight it as clutter, so put it somewhere simple.

Vintage Mirror
Mirrors are not only useful to check yourself in, but they also help in creating the illusion of a bigger room. They do this by reflecting the light back into a room to make it appear more spacious. The vintage part takes place in the frame. If you have a bare wall, invest in a large mirror with an antique wooden frame that has been carved out by hand to add all the intricate patterns and detail on it, making it a lovely piece to look at close up.

Now you have some ideas, have a think about how you could incorporate the vintage feel into your home to make it as unique as you are.

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