3rd March 2017

Gazillion Bubble Mill

Both of my boys are so different, they are both in totally different toys and games. One thing they both love to play with though is bubbles. I usually find myself sitting blowing bubbles until I am almost passing out from blowing so much. We have tried a couple of different bubble machines but I have been left very disappointed with them either no working or not blowing the bubble high enough.When we were given the opportunity to review the Gazillion giant bubble mill I was so excited for the boys as I knew they would love it. I was hoping that it wouldn’t disappoint like before (not this make)

As soon as it arrived we took it out of the box for a test and Bubs instantly loved it. The bubbles are massive and they do blow a lot higher in the air than any of the other machines we had tried before.

The machine is so simple to set up, you just need to fit the batteries (3xAA), add the mixture and off you go. You do get an 8oz bottle of bubble mixture with the bubble mill and then you will need to buy extra bottles yourself. You can buy 4L for around £10 so it really isn’t expensive.

Since having the machine the kids have loved having it on and we have used it quite a lot, our 8oz bottle is just under half full so it does last a long time. You don’t need to add much mixture to the machine for it to make the massive bubbles that will have the kids running around with excitement.

I am so pleased we had this opportunity and would 100% recommend this product. It makes massive bubbles, they blow up in the air and the kids love running around popping them. The best thing has to be that I no longer need to sit blowing bubbles for what seems like hours on end to avoid tears when I say… I really need to stop.

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