9th May 2019

Garden Renovations

With it coming up to the summer we are really wanting to enjoy our garden this year. After moving home 18 months ago the main focus has been to re-decorate the inside of our home to get it more to our taste. This means the garden has been left and it isn’t the nicest of places to sit and relax on a sunny day.

I have seen so many people doing garden renovations recently on Youtube and have so many ideas for how I would like ours to look. We need a space for the kids, space for our hot tub and space for our glass house as we have started to grow a few pieces of veg. Lets see how that one goes! I would love some built in planters around the edge of the garden with some beautiful plants and flowers in, so in the summer everything is bright and summery.

At the moment I absolutely love these boxwood bushes, if cut correctly and kept in their shape they can make an amazing feature somewhere in the garden. I remember as a child we had these at my Mum and Dads house and my Dad had them cut into loads of different shapes, one was a guitar, one was 3 balls on top of each other there were others but for the life of me I can’t remember them all. The Tree Centre have so many different types of tress from flowring trees to shade tress and privacy tress, so there is something for every ones needs.

Doing our garden makeover also includes our front garden which is where we need some more privacy especially between the neighbour and us. Our front garden is totally open and so I am looking to put a hedge up between the neighbour and us. When I first started looking for different plants and tress to plant in our garden I had no idea that there were so many choices and also certain plants and flowers like shade and some like sun and different types of soil.

I am hoping to start planning the garden renovations within the next few weeks and get started and finished in time to enjoy the garden this year.

Have you recently had a garden make over? Please throw any ideas my way!

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