4th July 2014

Friday 4th July 2014: Our first cinema trip

At the start of this week the other half had the day off work. We didn’t really know what to do and the weather wasnt the best, so we decided to take Little Man to the cinema. We had never taken him before as he is only just 3 years old and thought he was to young.

We went in once the film was starting so he didn’t get bored and I had taken some treats for him to munch on as well. We went to see the Postman Pat movie.

LIttle Man was so excited and couldn’t wait to go in to see the movie. After about 10 minutes he decided he would rather be watching Sam and wanted to go home. The other half and I  just looked at each other and thought oh God noooooooo. However after 5 minutes he was OK and watching the film.

After an hour and half the movie finished and LIttle man had really enjoyed it. I had said he loved going and wanted to go again.

Our first trip went really well and I will take him again. In the day time in the week though when there isn’t really anyone else there.

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