19th April 2013

Friday 19th April 2013. Unhappy Mummy.

As you may know i work on a Thursday and Friday. On a Thursday little man goes to Nursery, which he loves. Untill yesterday!!

It was 1500 and my phone rang, it came up with the Nursery. Now when ever the nursery call me I panick as I know there is something wrong. They only call me if there is something wrong. I answered and they said we are calling to let you know that little man has been bitten today. I straight away though they ment an insect bite. No how wrong was I, they ment bitten by another child.  They said he had got very upset (which you would if your bitten) but he was now OK and they just wanted to let me know. All I wanted to do was go and give my little man a cuddle, but I couldn’t as I was at work. For the rest of the working day I couldn’t concentrate as I was so angry.

Eventually I finished work and went to get my little man. The nursery advised me that the child who bit little man had been informed and it had been noted down on the childs file. The nursery told me how they dealt with the situation which I was happy with what they did and think they dealt with it really well, doesnt stop me being very very angry about it all. Little man knows biting is bad and he’s always been taught that it is bad and not to do it.

What upset me even more was the fact the nursery told me that little man was playing with a toy and the other child wanted it, little man said no and the other child bit him. So my little man got bit for playing with a toy which he had first and was playing with.

I am (as you can prob tell) so very angry and I know it is not the nursery’s fault, I am not blaming them at all. Just makes me angry and upset that my little ma has been hurt on a place on his arm which is sensitive.

He got lots of bg hugs and kisses last night. I just hope he now doesnt think this is the right thing to do and do it himself.

5 hours after it happened


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