17th May 2013

Iron Man review

We have recently been sent Iron Man to review. It arrived when we were away on holiday, so when we got home he was waiting there for Little Man to open. As soon as I took the wrapping off him Little Man got so excited and couldn’t wait to get him out the box.

I took Iron man out of the box and Little man couldn’t wait to get playing with him. In the bottom of the box are Iron mans feet so be careful not to throw them away.

Little Man with Iron Man

iron man 1


He is 15 inches tall and is really strong and well made. He is designed for children aged 4+ but my Little man is 2 and loves him. If you child is younger then they can pl ay with Iron man and you can just take away the small parts that Iron man blasts out. Iron mans chest and eyes both lights up. He comes with 10 missiles and they can be blasted one at a time or all at once. This is done by holding a button on his back.

Iron Man

iron man 2

Missile Blaster

iron man 3

Iron man currently retails for around £29.99. Little man loves playing with Iron Man. His arms and legs both move and he stands up on his own.


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