16th November 2012

Friday 16th November 2012. Children in Need.


Today as I am sure you all know is Children in Need. Usually where I work not a lot of people get involved with things like this. Today seemed to be different though. We had fun games and quizzes food and cakes. Most of the games were 40p. My favourite was a really simple but addictive game. The was a piece of string with 30 pegs on it, the aim was to see who could take the most pegs off the string using one hand only at all times. We had to keep all the pegs in our hand and if we dropped one that was the end of our go and the dropped ones did not count. I managed to get 12 in one hand, but the winner was 15. I thought 12 was really good as well. The winner won a basket full of washing ironed for them. Amazing prize and costs nothing.

We also had quizzes which were really fun but really hard, pop quizzes and film quizzes. I am no good at quizzes but I did decide to take part as all money is for a good cause. needless to say I did not win. We also had guess the sweets in the jar an old classic.

People baked cakes, my favourite was the Oreo cake, MMmmmmm yummy!! Then we also had food that people baked and cooked. Pastrys, potato salad and pasta. I was munching all day and now I am so stuffed, I am to full up to eat my dinner. The cakes were 40p each and the food was donations.

We had a great day in our office and everyone got really involved. We manged to raise £175.76. Very proud of us all considering nothing was priced really high and there is only 30 of us in the office.

Did any one else do fun games today?


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