11th January 2013

Friday 11th January 2013. Centre Parcs


centre parcs

I have never been to Centre Parcs before and I have always thought it was so expensive for what it is. The other half has been wanting to go for ages and I finally agreed to book to go. We are going in May to celebrate little mans 2nd Birthday. I am so excited about decorating the lodge with banners and balloons for him. My parents are also joining us for the 4 nights.  Just hope the weather will be nice so we can have a BBQ and enjoy being outside in the fresh air.

WE are going to Elveden Forest in Thetford. Any of you been there? Would be great if anyone has been to tell me what it is like. I really wish we could afford to go in the lodge with a jacuzzi. Would be so amazing.

We have checked out the activities for little man and we are going to book him into a couple before we go. This holiday is mainly about him, so it will be a lot of kids activities, swimming and cycling with little man in the trailor behind.

Don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to it, but I do still think it is a lot of money for what it is.

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