18th July 2019

FREE/Cheap things to do with the kids

With the summer holiday’s here and the kids at home for the next 6 weeks, I thought I would share with you a few ideas that can keep the kids entertained that cost very little to absolutely nothing.

Crafting day… My kids love anything to do with crafts, so I have decided to take them to hobby craft to choose something they would like to craft with. We have a lot of crafting items gems, papers, stickers, glues etc but they can choose something lie a hat to decorate, or the paper mâché animals that you can buy and paint. Just something to keep them entertained for a couple of hours.

Sports day… Why not host your very own sports day in the garden. You can do all different kind of races, three legged race, egg and spoon, bean bag throwing, obstacle race.

Games day… Who doesn’t have 1001 games hidden away. I know we sure do and as a family we love a games day. Get the kids to choose a few games and play them through the day. Let the kids choose which ones they want to play and take it in turns choosing if you have more than one child.

Amazon Tour… Who knew hey, Amazon do tours around their warehouses. At first I thought it would be a bit boring, however after looking into a little bit more it looks really interesting and fun for the kids. You do have to be over 8 years old to do this tour but for a FREE day out it is pretty good. You just need to go on and book at one of the centres taking part in this.

Science experiments… You can go onto Pinterest and find lots and lots of really quick and cheap experiments to do with the kids. For a lot of them you will already have the items in your cupboards t home. Pick out 4 or 5 different ones that look cool and fun.

Nature Walk… My kids love this one and we do it quite a lot down at our local nature reserve. I write down items the kids need to find such as bugs, leaves, different kinds of animals. The children then tick off each thing as they see it. You can take a picnic out with you as well.

Cook together… Decide on something you would all like to cook or bake and get the kids do it with supervision.

Google… use google and search what is going on in your local area. The things I am listing are what you can do anywhere, however things to do free in your local area will be listed on Google. There will be lots on over the summer holidays.

Here is a list of lots more ideas that are self explanatory…
Build a den
Roast marshmallows
Water fight
Go swimming
Go to the park
Play different ball games, tennis, catch, football etc
Go to the beach
Paint rocks
Make sock puppets
Make your own bird feeder
Make an obstacle course in your back garden and take it in turns to be timed.
Go for a walk
Give your teddies a wash
Host a sleepover
Make and bury a time capsule in your garden
Movie day

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