29th June 2017

Four Reasons Why No One Is Hanging Out In The Garden

Although the British weather isn’t often something worth bragging about, there has been plenty of sunshine recently to lure us out of our homes and into the fresh air. Yet, there are many people who would rather spend time in the park, beach, or in town than in their own back garden. Considering it’s the cheapest option, and the place with the least distance to walk, why is no one hanging out in the garden?

No light
Not all gardens are created equal. If you’re unfortunate enough to be surrounded by tall buildings, or your neighbours haven’t trimmed their looming hedges no matter how often you’ve asked, then it’s time to get creative. Small changes, like painting the surfaces white or experimenting with mirrors and other reflective surfaces, can capture any light that makes it into the garden and reflect it evenly around the area. You should also look into hiring a professional tree surgeon to thin out the crown of the tree, which involves selective pruning and cutting off dead or congested shoots. Not only with the tree look healthier overall, but there will also be more sunshine peeking through the branches.

Even the most lush, green grass doesn’t make for the most comfortable seat. A towel can only provide so much comfort too, especially when you don’t necessarily want to sunbathe. The garden furniture market has grown in popularity, so if you try to find out more at Bridgman.co.uk/garden-furniture/, you’ll find something that suits your taste and your budget. Hanging chairs are excellent if you just want to sit quietly in a corner reading, or you can look into a complete outdoor dining set if you’re hoping to entertain, or just eat dinner outside with your family.

If the garden has gone neglected for a while, it’s a very dull place to be even in the height of summer. You could try to bring some life into your garden by building a pond. Not only is it a great project for everyone to get involved, but ponds are very helpful for preserving wildlife. Once you’ve built a pond step-by-step, be prepared for animals to move in at an astonishing speed. If a pond doesn’t sound ideal for some reason, a bird bath will also attract nature and add an element of peace. If that sounds like too much right now, you could always start tending to your flowerbeds. Gardening has also been proven to reduce stress and provide good exercise, so you have a good reason to come back to the garden throughout the year.

Garden shed
Think of the shed as an extra, unused room in the house, except it’s been gathering significantly more dust. If you’ve long wished for a quiet space to work or read your books, then transform that wooden hut into the office or library of your dreams. There are many things you could do with the shed, so why not make that your project this summer.


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