14th August 2019

Flipazoo Review

If your children are anything like mine then they will have too many stuffed toys and change their mind all the time. One day mine like one thing and the next day they can be interested in something totally different. With Flipazoo this can be resolved.

Flipazoo stuffed toys can be swapped from one animal to another within seconds. Its like a 2 in 1 toy and can be swapped over whenever your child likes. Not only do they make stuffed animals they also make playlets that flip as well.

My little man was sent a large 16′ RRP £16.99 and a small 8′ £9.99 FlipaZoo plushes and he absolutely loves them. The large one is a pig to cow as you can see below.

The small one is a Bear to Alligator. They really are super easy to swap over, you simply pull the back of the toy over the head.

We were also sent a playlet that flips over from strawberries and jelly to sweets and an apple. The play pod set includes one animal that goes with the play set that also flips over. The RRP for these is £9.99.

There is such a selection to choose from, from cuddly toys, cushions and sequin animals. There is sure to be one that you child would love.

My boys have had these for a little while now and they still adore them. My youngest thinks they are great how they can change so quick. I have personally never seen anything like this so think its a real novel idea.

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