18th October 2016

Fisher Price Blaze and the Monster Machines, Monster Dome Playset review

When I was asked if we would like to review Blaze and the Monster Machines Monster Dome play set, I just knew Little man especially would be so excited. I didn’t actually tell him to start with.

Both of my kids love watching Blaze but I knew Bubs would be too small to use the play set.


So what is the playset and whats in the box I hear you asking….



I actually found it really simple and easy to fit together the set. It took me literally 5 minutes and I didn’t need the instructions, I used the picture on the front of the box and it was so easy. I am not a wonder woman who is amazingly good at this kind of thing, it is just so easy to put it all together. The track fits together with 2 points that you need to line up and push together, they push together really easily and they pull apart easily as well.


What is fantastic about this is that you can create multiple layouts with the track. We all know kids get bored really easily so this is perfect for little ones.

What is even more perfect is the time in which you can build it up and take it down. Kids are impatient when getting new toys or when they want to play with something. With this taking minutes to put up and take down that makes it a great hit with me!

The track is really strong and very well-built, I can tell it is going to with-stand the kids playing with it a lot. The cars are really well made. Unlike some cars that come with other playsets these cars are quite heavy and really sturdy. They will definitely last being smashed down the track multiple times.

The set retails for £29.99 at the moment and I personal feel it is well worth the money.

It is sometimes easier to show these types of things on a video, so I have put together a quick video for you guys to watch.

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