22nd October 2015

First School Parents Evening

This is something we had looked forward to for a long time and we couldn’t wait to go. If I could I watch Little Man at school everyday without him knowing I’m watching. I am sure he is totally different when I am not there and I want to see this side. I guess parents evening gives us both that little insight into what he does when we are not there.

The teacher advised us that Little Man is doing really well and has settled in amazingly well. I kind of knew this was the case as we have no issues with him going in, however its really nice to hear that after I leave him he is happy and enjoying school. He is apparently at the stage where he should be for his age and is doing really well. Little man has made so many new friend sand he likes to play with the boys more than the girls (which we knew, he hates girls he he) he likes to play very rough and tumble (which we also knew) 3 black eyes he’s had since starting after him and others have bumped heads.

All in all We are happy with Little Mans progress and the teacher is happy so that makes a very happy Mummy and Daddy. It’s not just us that are so incredibly proud of him, the family are too.

Little Man has come on leaps and bounds and school was so what he needed. The change in him is massive and I hope he continues to keep on getting such good reports in future parents evenings.

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10 responses to “First School Parents Evening”

  1. Good for Little Man! School seems so far in the future but it will be here before I know it I’m sure! I had to chuckle at his three black eyes.. what is he getting up to?! x

    • One time he had a proper black eye after banging heads with his friend when playing. The other 2 times were not so bad but they banged heads again. I’ve told him to be more careful now he he. x

  2. Glad that he’s settled so well, even though you know he’s doing ok before you go in you still have those butterflies as in what if my baby isn’t ok!

  3. Zoe Alicia says:

    Oh dear, 3 black eyes? Poor Little Man! So glad he’s settled in well, it must be very reassuring to hear it from someone else and to know he’s where he should be for his age x

  4. Chris (from Besties Sharing Bites) says:

    Aww, that’s great news to hear everything is going well school-wise. But I hope Little Man stays away from getting black eye number 4. 😉

  5. Ah it is great that he is getting on so well. Shame about the black eyes, but it must feel great to know he has settled x

  6. MummyTravels says:

    What a lovely first report to get, and so reassuring to know he’s settling in well. I’m looking at primary schools for my daughter right now, which feels faintly unbelievable, I can’t quite imagine her first parents’ evening yet!

  7. Its great that you had such a great report, lovely to know he’s settling in and making friends even if it does lead to black eyes :). We have just submitted the schools for Monkey who will start in Sept, we have our heart set on a school out of catchment but yet our closest!! I really hope we get to experience a parents evening there and it goes as well as yours 🙂 x

  8. Aw, glad to hear your first parents’ evening went well. I know what you mean about wanting to be a fly on the wall watching them. I often wonder what is going on when we are not there, especially as when you ask they never tell you much. It’s a big step for parents and children when they start school. I miss my daughter so much, she’s in year one. I’m just filling in the forms for my middle child, her brother, to start full-time in September.x

  9. Ah, fantastic news! It’s so reassuring to hear that your child is doing well in school & most importantly is happy there! It’s such a relief! x

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