1st September 2015

First pair of school shoes with Brantano

We were recently asked if we would like to choose a pair of school shoes from Brantano. I told Little Man and he was really excited. This will be his first ever pair of shoes and the day of going to get them was a very bitter-sweet moment. I am so Happy that Little Man is going to school however I will miss him so much during the day.

We arranged to go to our local Brantano store and we were all greet by a lovely lady called Leanne. Little Man went really shy and didn’t really want to speak. Leanne was brilliant with him chatting about what he likes and when he start school (actually cant believe its only 2 weeks away now)

Leanne Measured the size of his feet and then wrote The measurements down in a booklet which had a sticker for Little Man to wear. She took us over to the correct section for Little Man’s size and went through the shoes with us. Little Man has quite a flat foot so sometimes it can be hard to find a pair to fit him. We picked out a couple of pairs and Leanne tried them on him. I had already told Little Man that he had to have velcro shoes as he is unable to tie his own laces. She got him to walk up and down the shop and then run, she advised that they were a perfect fit. Little Man liked these so much and didn’t want to try any others on. I was happy and so was Daddy, they are lovely Hush Puppy shoes and look like they are lovely and comfy.We are going to be walking to school each morning so a good fitting, good quality pair of shoes for all weather types were needed. I am confident these shoes will be lasting us a long time or until Little Man’s feet grow out of them.





These shoes complete the final piece of the school uniform jigsaw. We now have all the uniform and Little Man is all ready for starting school.






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13 responses to “First pair of school shoes with Brantano”

  1. Michelle Murray says:

    we have a local brantano and have shopped there before. My eldest wears clarks shoes for school and our local brantano has a small clarks range too.

  2. I don’t often go to Brantano but this post reminds me how good they are – I have always had a good experience there and love the selection, so will go back! I hope the first days at school go nice and smoothly

    • It was brilliant because its a massive shop and it wasn’t very busy. Our local clarks is so small and takes ages to get seen I’ve ended up walking out a few times. Really great experience xx

  3. You Baby Me Mummy says:

    They have such a great choice don’t they. Huge shops too normally x

  4. Becky, Cuddle Fairy says:

    Ah the first pair of school shoes! He was such a good boy getting his feet measured & trying them on! It’s a big day x

  5. Emma Bradley says:

    Getting well fitted shoes is so important and it is good to see that Brantano fit shoes correctly.

  6. Aw bless him. Sophia also starts school this year and I can’t believe it. It has all
    Come round far too fast for me! X

  7. lifewithmunchers says:

    Awww! First school shoes is such a momentous occasion! This will be us next year!

  8. Aww school shoes are such a milestone – one I don;t even want to think about yet! Boo is only 1 and 1/2 but she is growing way to fast! These look like great shoes =)

  9. awwww bless, I remember my first pair of school shoes when I was a kid I remember sleeping in them as I didnt want anyone to steal them lol. We do not have a local brantano here might need to check oxford town

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