30th May 2015

First eye test

On 29th May 2015 Little Man had his first eye test. A couple of reasons for me taking him … I wear glasses all the time, also he has complained a few times of not being able to see. I wasn’t sure if it was him being silly or if in fact he really was struggling.

I wasn’t sure  how it was all going to work, whilst he knows his alphabet and can count to 20 he still does not write the letters or numbers and can only recognise certain ones.

We went in and to start with he was very shy and I thought the whole thing was going to be one massive disaster. First of all they did some tests to check he wasn’t colour blind and he passed with flying colours. They then looked into his eyes with the bright light and his eyes are very healthy. Last of all they put different animals up on the wall and he had to say what animal he could see. The animals flashed up one by one and they came at different sizes ranging from very big to very tiny.

The conclusion is that he is very slightly short-sighted but not enough to need to wear glasses. He needs to go back in 6 months for another check to see if anything has changed.

I really hope he doesn’t need to wear glasses (even though he wants them) Little man was great and really cooperated with everything he was asked to do.


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  1. Mrs Mumsie says:

    I am so glad the eye test went so well! I find the opticians to be great with kids! Thanks for linking up to the #MMWBH 🙂

    • bloggingmummy87 says:

      I was dreading it before hand. However the guy was so nice and had so much time for Little Man it really made him and me at ease. xx

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