16th September 2015

First day at School

Monday 14th September saw our first-born Little Man start school. Over the summer we had spoken a lot about school and what he should expect from the school day. I was worried it would take him a while to settle and to make things worse 4 of his pre-school friends were all in the other class and Little Man was on his own. I was really unsure how he would settle.

Monday afternoon came as he is only doing 1215 till 1445 this week. He looked so smart in his uniform and my Mum came over to see him. We had lots of pictures together and then it was time to go. Daddy was meeting us at the school and Little Man was really excited to see Daddy there. In fact Little Man was really excited about going into school.

We walked into the class room with him and it was very busy with children and Mums and Dads everywhere. It was all a bit overwhelming for the children. Some children were fine and some were crying. We however had no tears we did however have a little wobble. We put his book bag in his tray and hung his coat up on his peg. We then went back into the class room and had a look around at what there was to do. I asked Little Man if he wanted to go and read and he said no. He then looked at me and said ‘Mummy I want to come home’ This almost brought me to tears and I gave him a big cuddle and said to him he would be fine. We walked over to the Science Area and he dressed up in a white coat with goggles and the classroom assistant was there. Little Man loved it and we said goodbye and left. No tears which was my biggest fear, it breaks my heart having to leave when he is crying.


As we walked off I could feel myself starting to get upset but as soon as I arrived home I was really busy preparing for Bubs first birthday so my mind was kept busy. By the time I had done a few bits it was time to pick him back up. My Mum and I went to pick him up and I saw him walking out, he spotted my Mum and was shouting Grandma. He was smiling from ear to ear and had a fantastic time. I was so pleased and he had even made a new friend, which is great considering he was saying he didn’t want to make any new friends at school.


We are all so proud of Little Man at how well he did on his first day. I just hope it continues and he continues to have a lot of fun at school.





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19 responses to “First day at School”

  1. That’s so lovely, my eldest still goes to pre-school so we’re yet to experience the first day of school. I’m hoping for no tears also

  2. Michelle says:

    Ah, it seems so long ago that my son had his very first day at school! The first day especially is so overwhelming for them (and for us parents too!) Sounds like he did a grand job though!

  3. Aly says:

    All my 3 kids settled into school straight away.My heart went out to the parents who kids cried from the moment they set foot in the classroom.I hope he makes lots more new friends.

  4. Aww how cute! All our little peoples firsts are such big occasions aren’t they? And there’s nothing bigger than your child’s first day at school! So happy all went well. xo

  5. Zoe Alicia says:

    Aw congrats! I honestly feel a bit like that now that my little sister has moved away from home for college. It’s all a bit emotional…

  6. Ronke says:

    Cute post.
    All my friends who have kids around your son’s age have described the same feelings! 😉

  7. cat culmer says:

    Lovely pictures. I hope he’s still enjoying himself. I’m dreading this day already any my little boy is only 19 months old

    Cat x

  8. It’s lovely to see children enjoying there first day of school. I know in the future when Blake goes to school I will find it tough to let him go.

  9. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    Aww what an adorable little guy he is! That picture of him giving you a kiss is just the sweetest thing. I think I’ll be bawling once TL goes to primary school, it’s such an emotional time isn’t it?

  10. Ah he is so handsome in his uniform, well done mammy. My little man started two weeks ago, it is such a huge milestone for them and of course us

  11. lifewithmunchers says:

    Oh gosh, I almost cried when you said he wanted to come home. Massive milestone and I’m glad that you’re through the first day.

  12. amytreasure0 says:

    Oh gosh it’s so emotional isn’t it. He looks absolutely gorgeous in his uniform-this really takes me back. My eldest has left school now and I still have one to start so will go through this all over again! x

  13. Alex says:

    I can’t imagine Lamb going to school, it’s going to break my heart! He’s so clingy I know he will cry, he’s been going to nursery for over a year and he still crud when I drop him off, albeit he loves it once I’m gone. Yep, we wi be the crying family! So glad little man enjoyed his first day 🙂 xx

  14. sacha says:

    congratulations, the first day of school could be such a big deal at any age. When kids are small they usually don’t want to separate from the parents. But I can see that your son is happy eager and ready to join his classmates for the first day of school. Great job

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