30th May 2013

Finish Quantum Dishwasher Tablets Review.

We were recently sent 20 Finish dishwasher tablets to review. Since having our new kitchen and dishwasher I have not found a tablet that leaves our glasses streak free. So when I got the chance to review finish a brand I hadn’t tried before I was really excited to see if it was as good as I had read about.

finish dishwasher tablets

About the tablet

The tablets are available in Lemon sparkle, baking soda and a brand new Apple and lime blast fragrance.  Which I think sounds lovely.


We do a lot of homemade cooking so we have a lot of dishes that have a lot of food on them that I used to have to soak for ages. Now we have a dishwasher some tablets I have tried don’t get all of the food off the dishes which had left me quite disappointed. Last week we had a lasagne, we left the leftovers in the dish it was baked in over night in the fridge for dinner the next day. When we put this in the dishwasher the next day it came up clean and sparking first wash. I was really impressed as before other brands wouldn’t of got this clean.

Our glasses come out sparkling and streak free, which is great as a dirty glass looks horrible. I have to admit I am really impressed and will now carry on using Finish tablets.

Finish Quantum currently retails for around £4.00 which I think is great value for such clean looking dishes.

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