21st December 2017

A Festive feast with the #QBloggers

Last week a group of bloggers attended an event in Queensgate to taste lots of festive food and drink from retailers within Queensgate. As I was driving I did miss out on the drink but I am pretty sure Mummy Matters can tell you all about that.

If you are looking for so lovely food to really wow your guests with this Christmas, then you are at the right place.

Firstly we have John Lewis cafe and they make some amazing cakes. Chocolate and Orange Cake, Caramel Shortcake, Lemon Meringue pie, Lemon Drizzle Cake and Bakewell cake. My favourite was the chocolate and orange cake.

To buy from the store John Lewis… Gin Baubles which would make a fantastic present, unicorn tears gin and bean boozed advent calendar.

Carluccios’s We had some items off the festive menu and then the normal menu

Festive menu, starter
Pears & gorgonzola served with radicchio, green beans and walnuts, tossed in a lemon dressing.

Normal menu, main course
Flaked Italian tuna, buffalo mozzarella, green beans, sweet peppers, baby plum tomatoes, Italian leaves, new potatoes, anchovy fillet, soft-boiled egg and croutons, served with a light vinaigrette.


Festive menu, dessert
Mascarpone limoncello cream drizzled with limoncello syrup and served with raspberries, crumbled amaretto biscuits and mint. V

Antonio’s Chicken Liver Pâté- Normal menu, starter
Smooth pâté served with grilled ciabatta and red onion marmalade.

Insalata Caprese- Normal menu, starter
Buffalo mozzarella, sliced beef tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil and black olives.

Tomato Bruschetta- Normal menu, starter
Slices of grilled ciabatta topped with fresh baby plum, yellow cherry and beef tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, baby basil and garlic. V VG



M&S for me have always been the place to go for posh party food and they never seem to disappoint. We had a real treat with what we tried this year and my absolute favourite was the turkey and cranberry sausage roll. Here is a selection of what else they have on their shelves for you this Christmas.

Turkey and Cranberry sausage roll, Pigs in Blanket flavoured crisps with pork crisps, M&S Mince Pies, Festive Sandwich selection: £3.50, Turkey Feast, Brie and Grape, Prawn and Smoked Salmon, Ham Hock and Golden Beetroot Piccalilli.



lakeland sell the most amazing peppermint bark, it looks lovely and it tasted delicious. We also all need some shimmer in our lives at Christmas and the shimmer popaball that you add to your drink just gives your drink that extra oomph. It turns a normal drink into a Christmas shimmer spectacle.


Handmade Burger Co.

I have been lucky enough to visit the Handmade Burger Company many times and I have to say they do the best burgers. 

AVOCADO & BACON Chicken Burger
Our original HBC burger relish, hand crushed avocado, smoked bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion

Onion rings, HBC sauce, peppered pastrami, Swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion

Veggie patty, handmade Mexican salsa, hand crushed avocado, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato & red onion

Halloumi Bites

3 chicken wings, smothered in a choice of buffalo sauce, hot sauce or pit BBQ sauce, served with celery sticks and a blue cheese dip

Traditional spiced Moroccan relish, , lettuce, tomato & red onion



Thick slices of Norfolk free-range turkey breast on malted bread with a dollop of slightly tart port & orange cranberry sauce. Served with Pret’s herby stuffing – made with beautifully seasoned minced pork, streaky bacon and apricots. Topped with crispy onions.

Roasted chunks of butternut squash, spicy rocket and nutty Christmas pesto made with walnuts and pecans. Served with a spoonful of yoghurt & mayo dressing and a sprinkling of crispy onions on malted bread.

Mature Cheddar and Pret Pickle, Ham and Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Chicken and Bacon Caesar, Egg, Melvin the melted gingerbread snowman

Hotel Chocolat

Mulled Wine chocolates (£3.95 for 6 and in the 3 for 2 mix and match)

The Christmas Gift Box, Luxe Classic (£35)


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  1. Sabina Green says:

    Oh yes, for once I was not driving so I was more than happy to sample the drinks. I would recommend the Creme Brulee liqueur and the Pink Prosecco, the Unicorn Tears Gin was nice but nearly blew my socks off

  2. Sounds very nice and even better that you weren’t driving x

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