2nd March 2013

Farmison & Co Butchers Review

Last week we were lucky enough to be sent some lovely fresh meat and cheese from Farmison & Co. We were sent One Corn fed whole chicken, 2 Rib eye steaks and 3 different cheeses. The chicken and steaks were labelled with, the farm they both came from, use by date and the meat IE Corn fed chicken and rib eye steak.

Chicken and steaks

chicken and steak

Three different cheese

cheeses - Copy

The arrived really well packed and ice-cold. They were in a cardboard box and inside was a polystyrene box with the meat and cheese in it. There were ice cubes in packets inside to keep the meat really cold. The cheese was wrapped in wool which was inside a plastic bag to keep it cool.


I was really impressed with how well packed all the meat was. I was little concerned due to the fact that the meat was being sent by courier Parcel Force. I wondered how cool it would keep, but the meat and cheese was really cold, in fact colder than being in my fridge I think.

Wool Cool

wool cool

Ice Cubes



We decided to have the chicken for our Roast last week. All I can say is wow. It was really yummy. I put butter and Rosemary on the chicken and cooked it to perfection. It was so tender and juicy and the taste was lovely.  I need to apologise to you though. I did have pictures of this beautifully cooked chicken, however the other half deleted them before I put them on my laptop. So unfortunately  I am unable to show you a picture.

The Steaks

The steaks were so big I originally thought we had been sent 4 steaks, but no I was wrong they were just 2 really big thick yummy steaks. Both steaks had a see through paper around them to keep them in shape until they were cooked.

steak 1

Really thick steaks

steak 2

I cooked the steaks medium/rare. They took about 8 minutes to cook as they were so thick and they turned out perfect. I have to say it is prob one of the best steaks I have ever tried. That includes home cooked and restaurant cooked. The meat is such great quality, which is why it tastes so good. The steaks literally melted in our mouths. Both my partner and I love steak but we rarely have it.

Our overall opinion of Farmison & Co is… The meat is of really high quality and is really lovely. You do get what you pay for and I would highly recommend Farmison & Co. There are all sorts of meat you can buy from the website. There is a massive selection of Chicken, beef, lamb, pork, veal, game, bacon, sausages, burgers and ham joints. They also do a big selection of fresh fruit and vegetables and cheeses. We think for the quality of the meat the prices are really reasonable. I would highly recommend you try something from the website. Take a look HERE.

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