15th January 2017



At the start of 2017 a friend of mine Katie and I decided we were going to do a 2017 challenge. After looking through our pictures we realised we have hardly any of our family together. For Us that is 4 of us and for Katie that is 5 of them.

Each day we post a picture to Instagram and Facebook with all of us in it. We are going to do this every single day of 2017, then at the end of 2017 we will have 352 lovely pictured of our family altogether.

We have now been doing it for 15 days and I have to admit that it hasn’t been easy so far. If it wasn’t for Little Man I would have forgotten a few times however we are now getting into a routine so it is easier to remember.

Anyone can join in with us it isn’t to late and you DONT have to be a blogger to join in. You just need to be able to use Instagram or Facebook and off you go.

Some of our pictures will be staged on nice days out but through-out the week they will mostly be taken at home quite late. The kids are not up before Doug goes to work and when he gets home they are getting ready for bed. I am looking forward to the summer when we can get a lot of nice outside pictures.

Each Sunday I will post all of our weeks pictures on the blog for you to see. You can however follow my Twitter to see the pictures each day. You can also follow Katie on Facebook and her Blog.

SO here is a selection of some of the pictures we have already taken for the challenge.


So far we have been loving doing this challenge. We already have more family photos than we have taken in the whole of 2016. Our family is growing up so fast that I love capturing every single day of the kids lives to capture them growing up. NOTES TO SELF: we must buy a selfie stick!

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