28th February 2017


We are now almost into March and I am so pleased to say we are still doing the daily family picture. I can’t say it has been easy and we have missed a couple of days BUT a few days out of 365 isn’t going to hurt is it!

I am so pleased katie from Its A Mother Thing has also stuck with it. Its going to be amazing at the end of the year to see all of the pictures and I can’t wait to look back on them all.

Here a a few from the last couple of weeks.

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22 responses to “#familypicaday2017”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Lovely photos!
    What a great collection you will have at the end of the year x

  2. Margaret gallagher says:

    Beauties great to look back on and smile

  3. Lynit Bennett says:

    Such Lovely Photos! So Cute! X

  4. Jo Carroll says:

    Aaaw…lovely photos – great idea!

  5. ellie spider says:

    i think this is a fab idea – id honestly put them all together into a massive collage for your wall at the end of the year

  6. Josh Gough says:

    Looks like you had a nice day 🙂

  7. kimneville1 says:

    Great idea to do and look back on

  8. Carly Belsey says:

    What a fab idea, so many precious memories to look at too

  9. Hayley Todd says:

    This is such a wonderful idea! What a fantastic way to capture memories.

  10. ajennysaved says:

    What a great idea! I have heard of taking a photo of your child a day but a family photo a day seems even better!!

  11. Dean B says:

    Love your family photos, so much fun! And they all look real, not “posed” 🙂 Makes them more authentic to me. x

  12. Helen says:

    Such beautiful photos 🙂 I love this idea!

  13. Such a lovely idea well done for sticking to it since March what a lovely collection of memories you are making!

  14. This is such a good idea of ways to look back on your memories. Your photos are lovely x

  15. Kara says:

    What a fab collection of pictures

  16. What a fab idea. You’re going to have the best record of your time together. Our boys are all big now and off to college etc and we never seem to get enough time together. Lovely when it does all work out but these days in snippets of time. Elinor x

  17. steph_baybee says:

    What a lovely collection of photos! A fab idea!

  18. I wish I could get all of my family together for a pic but they are so wriggly/refuse to look in the right direction! aaarrrrrgggghhhhh! love your photos, great idea

  19. London Mumma says:

    You have done well, do not beat yourself up too much if you may have missed a few. Always excited to see your fab family photos.

  20. This is such a lovely idea, we have hardly any family photos so I think I need start doing something like this x

  21. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA! I need to do way more of this. We have so few photos of the three of us together.

  22. mummygummie says:

    Love all the family pictures. Will be so nice to look back on them all.

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