4th July 2019

Family Plans

It’s been a while since I have written a personal post on the blog and there have been many reasons for this.

First off I have been so busy that It has been hard to find the time to write. With both kids being pretty full on, being the main carer for my nan and helping out Mum and Dad as much as I can it takes a lot of time. These things are my main priority at the moment so unfortunately the blog has to take a back seat.

After being made redundant last year we decided I wasn’t going to go back into work because with Mum not being well, looking after my Grandma and looking after my own family and home it was just too much. Family always comes first and I have to be with my family when they need me. I think I may have touched on it a little while ago but I have not really spoken on here about Mums illness and right now I am not going to go into any details. I know between Youtube and the blog we share a lot of our lives but some things just need to be kept a bit personal.

On a lighter note we have just come back from 2 weeks away in Greece. Oh my Gosh this was so needed after the last year. We had some really good news regarding Mum just before we went away, this meant I could enjoy my holiday as I was to be honest dreading going if it hadn’t been good news. The holiday was amazing, the hotel was out of this world and we have booked to go back already for next year. We never go back to the same place twice but we fell in love with the Euphoria resort in Crete so much we booked to go back the day after we landed back into the UK.

We have our youngest starting schooling in September which is a massive step. It will be the first time in 8 years that I will be on my own with no kids Monday- Friday. I am not looking forward to him starting school at all, I will miss him so much but there is nothing we can do and he is very excited to start school. Nursery will be ending within the next 3 weeks the plus side to that is we are going to save hundreds of £££ a month. Nursery these days is just so expensive and he only goes in for 2 days a week. I will keep you all updated on our school journey and how it all goes once he has started.

Little Man is getting on so well at his new school now I know that making the move was the best decision I made. We moved home and I didn’t change his school for a year because I was so worried about taking him away from his friends. Looking back now the move was so easy, he made loads of new friends very quickly and to move him schools was the best decision. We live right near the park and literally a 5 minute walk from the school. Having moved school he now has friends in the area, they go to the park after school, go on play dates to their houses, and its just so much easier all round. If you are thinking of moving your child to a new school due to a move, it really is easier than you build it up to be. I was so upset at the thought of moving him, my best advice is to just do it as soon as you can.

Last week we had Little Mans first football awards ceremony and we are so proud of him. He only went and won most improved player which was just amazing. Here a picture of him so proud holding his trophy with his coaches and the director.

In other news we have totally re done our house and are moving onto the garden this summer. I will do a blog post within the next few weeks showing you around our home. We have re done every room apart from the kitchen as it didn’t need any work doing on it. Here is a sneak peek at one of my favourite parts of the house.

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