17th November 2020

Family game night with Spinmaster

If you have been a long time subscriber to my blog you will know we have reviewed many games and love a games night. At the moment we are currently in a second UK lockdown and I also have one of the boys off school in self isolation due to a positive case in his class. Whilst the Playstation and iPad can keep him entertained I had too much tech time. Over the last year ten has played a massive part in their lives but nothing beats a good old game and family night sat around the table having a laugh together.

We have been lucky enough to work with Spinmaster and they have sent us a selection of family games to let you know what we think. We have Grouch Couch, Headbandz and Beat the parents.

Grouch Couch does not look like the kind of sofa I would like to sit on, he has all the attitude and loos like the grumpiest couch around. So lets get into this one and see what we think…

Grouch Couch – The Furniture with Attitude.

In the box is… The Grumpy sofa himself, 1 dice, 15 lost goodies and 16 treats. Side note – you will need 3xAAA batteries to play

The game is super simple to play and I love that all ages from young to old can play. You simply have to feed the Grouch Couch lots of tasty treats, once you have fed him you press the remote and see what he does next. He will do one of a few things like burp, moan or eat the treats he may even reward you with a lost coin. The game ends with the player who has the most coins at the end. Grouch Couch retails for £19.99 and is available to purchase at most leading toy stores.

Next up we have Beat the parents – inside the box is the board, question cards, challenge cards and 2 player figures.

This game is a great trivia game for the family where you try to beat your parents and see who is the most knowledgable. You get into teams and work against each other in order to try to win. You will need a minimum of 2 players in order to play the game and is suitable for ages 6 and upwards. Each question cards has adult and child questions, with me being useless at General knowledge I was worried I may let the side down. The challenge cards are so much fun and definitely went down a storm with the boys. Which ever team gets across the board first is the winner. Whilst this game is really fun I end up so competitive and take it so seriously but really… it is such a laugh.

The final game we have today is Headbandz.

This one has been around for years and is a classic game. it comes with 6 bands for your head, 6 question cards, 24 counters and 68 clue cards. You place the cards on your headband without looking but so everyone else can see. You then ask everyone else questions in order to find out what is on your card.

Headbandz is so simple and easy to set up its a good one for something quick to get out and play.

Which ones will you be playing this Christmas, fingers crossed with our families.

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