10th August 2016

An Evening at the Perfume Shop Peterborough

As part of being a #qblogger for my local shopping centre I was invited to an event at the perfume shop. I really wasn’t to sure what to expect but I have to say I was really looking forward to it.

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Upon arrival there was a lovely selection of food and really healthy juices for us to try whilst at the event. I have to say everything looked so nice and I was trying my best to be good with the chocolates and cakes.


There was myself and 2 other bloggers at the event so it was a really nice small group of us. I have to say before attending the event I had no idea there was so much to know about applying perfume and how to wear it and how to store it. I will take you through a step by step guide on applying, wearing and storing the perfume.

The perfume shop is the ONLY place that sells perfume that has access to a Michael Edwards app. I had never heard of this before but it really is the best for helping you to choose a perfume to suit you. On the app you can search for perfumes by ingredient, style, brand and your favourite.

You can type in an ingredient and the app brings up all perfumes with your chosen ingredient in it. You can type in your favourite brand and it will bring up all perfumes from your chosen brand, you get the picture! Once you have maybe chosen 3 these will then be sprayed onto a card and you can decided which you prefer. How fantastic is this? Usually I go in smell loads and they all end up smelling the same after about 10 minutes, so to be able to actually smell ONLY the ones that suit me is great.

So onto applying the perfume… You should always apply the perfume to your pulse point which are, base of the neck, bottom or the ears on the neck, wrists and behind the knees. You should always spray around 20cm away from yourself and NEVER spray your wrists and then rub it in. If you spray on your wrists and rub it in this bruises the smells of the perfume and ruins the smell. I always do this but from now on I wont be especially not with my really expensive perfumes. A couple of other tips… You can add some of your fave perfumes to wet hair and then blow dry, spray some on your hairbrush and even put some in your iron so the smell comes through onto your clothes.

Layering… This is a great way to get the smell of your favourites to last even longer. If you get the sets of perfume with shower gel, lotion and perfume make sure you use all of these. Wash in the shower gel, then apply the body lotion and last of all spray your perfume.

Storing your perfume… With so many beautiful perfume bottles out these now we all love to have them on show, however thesis the worst thing you can do. The UV actually over time changes the oils in the perfume which in turn changes the smell and it doesn’t last as long. The best way to store the perfume is in the box, in a draw out of sight. Only get it out to use and then put it back away in the dark.

I have tried to write down as many of the main points as possible to make you smell of your perfume for the longest possible time and to make your perfume last for the longest possible time. I would highly recommend popping into your local perfume shop because the app they have is fantastic and you will come out with a perfume suited to you.

The new perfume called White Lie is exclusive to the Perfume Shop. This was actually chosen by the workers from The Perfume Shop and made exclusively to be sold in Perfume shop. The perfumes tag line is … For star gazers, day dreamers and beauty chases… I absolutely love it and the bottle is lovely.


Stella Macartney…

Lacoste… Sparkling on the left, Elegant in the middle and Natural on the right

And last but not least one of the men… Azzara, wanted


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