1st March 2016

How To Ensure Your Bedroom Energises You, Not Drains You

A bedroom should be a place where a person can switch-off; literally! Good sleep feeds into the rest of our day, and indeed into the rest of our lives. So it makes sense that our bedrooms should never be draining. Instead, they should be sanctuaries that energise us. This goes for before we fall asleep, throughout the night and in the morning. So how can you ensure that your bedroom is set up properly to do this? Read on for some suggestions.

Make it a technology-free zone
For starters, remove any technology you have in the room. Radios can stay, but TV sets need to go. At night-time, start keeping your phones in the hallway, rather than in your room. If you don’t need to be able to hear them, keep them downstairs. If you rely on them to tell the time and wake you up with alarm, get a clock! That is what they’re for, after all. Also, consider setting the wifi up so that it turns off automatically at a certain time of night. This will prevent you from wasting precious sleeping hours surfing the web and social media sites.

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Accept only minimal clutter
The last thing you want when you’re relaxing in your bedroom is the compulsion to tidy. But this might be hard to avoid if there is clutter everywhere. Keep clutter to an absolute minimum; no clutter is even better. Use storage boxes to keep things tidy. If mess has built up over the day and you don’t have time or energy to tidy before bed, there is an alternative. Keep a basket in your room that you can pop any clutter in. Tidy it away the next morning. A tidy bedroom makes a tidy mind!

Surround yourself with motivational messaging
Surrounding ourselves with positive influences seeps into our subconscious. Display motivational messaging throughout your bedroom. These could come in the form of canvas prints, or candle holders for example. Reminding yourself of these positive thoughts before bed and first thing in the morning will improve your quality of life. It will also improve your mood. Who doesn’t want to wake up with a smile on their face in the morning?  


Invest In Supportive Bedding
Investing in good quality bedding is more than worthwhile. The better the quality, the more benefits it will hold. It will last longer, keep its shape through more washes. It will be made from a better material, and therefore be softer and more durable to pulling and tugging. Your bedding components should also be supportive. Consider healthier mattress types, like a hybrid foam mattresses by John Ryan by Design. Your neck, head and back need to be supported while you sleep. If they are, you’ll have better posture, happier muscles and an easier time managing the day. Finally, treat yourself to attractive and well-made bedspreads and bedding.

Open windows
Houses are full of stale air, which is not good for us. Open the windows of your bedroom to let in some healthy fresh air. Just a few deep breaths of life-giving oxygen in the morning will set you up for a better day.

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