1st July 2013

Elephant’s Birthday Bells. Book review from Carrie and David Grant.

My Little man loves books. Although at the moment I have to read to him, he loves looking through the pictures on his own so books that are bright and colourful with not so many words are perfect for us.

We have recently been sent a book written by Carrie and David Grant called Elephant’s Birthday Bells. these books are part of a new range of books and they are about music making. This book was only released at the start of June so it is brand new.

Age range of the book is 3-7 years old


Elephants Birthday Bells

About the book

Elephants birthday bells 2


So what is the book about?

Elephant is part of a family band, but unfortunately she’s far to loud and the other band members are getting really fed up with it. Elephant then receives a very special birthday present which helps her to be softer and quieter.  You will have to buy the book to find out what that present is.

I absolutely love this book and It is perfect for Little Man. He loves it and he loves the bright colours from the illustrations. I would give this book top marks and so would Little Man. Little Man loves listening to the CD too. When I put it on he dances around the room giggling and laughing.

At the end of the book there is a part that shows you how to make Jingle Jangle Bells. It gives you a step by step guide on what you need and how to make them.

make your own jingle jangle bells

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