7th December 2016

Eating out at our local Beefeater.

Last weekend we visited our local beefeater to try our their brand new Christmas menu. I was really looking forward to it as I knew the pub which is our local beefeater had recently been done up. I was looking forward to seeing what it now looked like, I wasn’t disappointed!


We walked in and there was such a warm and cosy feeling which was really nice. The entrance was really welcoming and the décor was lovely.


I had a sneak peak of the Christmas menu before we visited so I knew exactly what I was going to order.

So here is what we all had…


Prawn Cocktail which was mine, I literally always go for prawn cocktail for my starter.


Soup which Doug had, looked lovely although I didn’t try any he said it was really nice.


Garlic sharing bread which was so nice!


The kids loved the garlic bread and it was delicious. The prawn cocktail was my starter and it was lovely, however I would have loved a few more prawns. Doug said that the soup was also very nice. It was certainly a very good start!


So starting with the kids mains

Poppin Chicken, beans and chips, Little Man loved this. It is the same as he always chooses when we go out (excuse the shadow the lighting is really dim)


Bubs had sausage, chips and beans, I totally forgot to photo this before we cut it up so the sausages do come whole and not like in this picture.


I then had the Turkey roast. Oh wow how delicious was this, although I felt like I was cheating on Christmas having turkey now.


Doug has festive steak, which he asked for it to be medium rare and it was cooked to perfection.


The mains were a massive hit all round. Doug and I have eaten in some really expensive places and he always has steak. This steak he had here is right up with some of the best cooked steaks he has had (his words) he always askes for it medium rare and 9 times out of 10 in pubs it comes as dry as a bone, so well done chef on this one it was amazing!

This now leads me onto the desserts…

Kids had Funny face Sundae



Bubs had chocolate pizza slice and after eating all of his dinner I wasn’t sure he would eat all of this, but he did! I mean WOW how amazing does this look.


Doug and I both went for the same thing which was warm chocolate brownie with ice cream. This was absolutely amazing and again one of the best desserts we have had for a very long time. The brownie was amazing, the ice cream with the gold stars was just fab and the presentation was absolutely outstanding.


We had an absolutely lovely meal and the kids enjoyed it as well. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and I cant rate The Granary highly enough now. I would really recommend if you are in the area then try it out!


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10 responses to “Eating out at our local Beefeater.”

  1. Rich Tyler says:

    Wow, yummy pictures 🙂

  2. Joanne Phillips says:

    That’s made me hungry! lol! Nice review – I love Beefeaters!

  3. Paula cheadle says:

    looks like you all had fun

  4. gemma hendry says:

    looks very tasty, glad you enjoyed

  5. kimneville1 says:

    Looks delicious. My kids would love the Funny face Sundae

  6. Hayley Todd says:

    It looks like you had a lovely family meal. My daughters would love the Funny Face Sundae. We really enjoy visiting our local Beefeater for a treat.

  7. Jane Middleton says:

    Great for family meal, looks tasty too.

  8. Theresa Alison says:

    Went to a Beefeater pub when I was visiting my brother in Barry Island would not go there again.. Ordered all food and when they brought the food to the table they hadn’t done my moms and when they went to sort hers out they had totally ran out what she asked for ..I enjoyed the food just not the service

  9. Brandon Sparks says:

    Looks so good and amazing.. Thanks so much..

  10. ellie spider says:

    Yours all look delicious. Last time I went to a beefeater it was so busy and loud it wasnt enjoyable really

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