27th August 2015

Easy Ways To Get Your Kids Involved In Gardening

When the weather is right, I love getting out in the garden and getting my hands dirty. Recently I have thought about including my kids in this activity. I think it’s good chance to get them away from the TV and allow them to start learning about nature before they go over it in school. That’s right when it comes to wildlife and the environment, my kids are going to go to the top of the class! Or, maybe I just think they’re going to look cute carrying around a little shovel and rake. But they question is how do you get kids involved in gardening? Well, I’ve got a few ideas.


Take Them To The Depo Store…

I know, it sounds like a nightmare but if you want to get them interested, you have to include them. That means allowing them to help you from the beginning. You can take them out to get the supplies and if you are buying seeds for planting flowers let them pick them. If you want them really keen, allow them to choose and buy their own seeds that they will be looking after. That will give them an attachment to the garden and keep them interested in going out and looking after it. If you are thinking about doing some repairs to your garden, your kids probably won’t be that involved. Particularly if they are as young as mine. But, there is one thing that they can do and that is helping you paint a fence. So buy a small brush for them and let them help you pick the shade to paint it.




Teach Them About Planting Seeds

Once you get home from the store, you can immediately set to work, planting seeds. Teach them about all the basics such as what a plant needs like light, water, food, warmth and shade. Show them why they shouldn’t plant their flowers too close together because they’ll compete like a little brother and a big brother. Let them use the watering can and encourage them to look after their small section of the garden everyday while you do the bigger jobs. This is teaching your kids about being responsible.


Let Them Grow Their Own Food

Our family has been getting into the habit of being healthy lately, and I can’t think of a better way than growing natural food in the garden. I’m planning on buying some plants from http://www.pomonafruits.co.uk/. That way, we can grow them and harvest our own strawberries, blackberries and even kiwis! Once they grow, I’ll harvest them and make a delicious summer fruit trifle. I’ll get the kids to help put in the plants and pick the fruits allowing them to learn about living off the land.


Watch And Learn

Finally, as I said some bigger jobs are not appropriate for children to do. But you can let them watch and learn as you do them yourself. For instance, my oldest is not quite big enough for the lawn mower but I know he can’t wait to give it a go, and he loves watching, learning how it works.



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  1. Stephney says:

    Excellent post hun… I loved gardening with my dad when I was younger xx

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