4th January 2019

Our dream horse with Petplan Equine insurance

When Little Man was given the chance to design his own horse with Petplan and have it made into a soft cuddly horse I knew this would be something he would be so excited about. If I was given the chance to do this now I would (big kid) Over the years blogging has bought some weird and wonderful experiences and opportunities but this has to be one that’s just so different and exciting.

I had to help him draw the outline of the horse but left everything else down to him, from the design to colours he used. He took so long deciding on what colours to use and how to make the design. I think he wanted to make it as wacky as he could and he certainly did that.

After the horse was finished we sent the picture over email to get the wheels in motion for the design to come to life. I was told it could be a little wait as each horse was made by hand. Every day Little Man was asking when it would be arriving as he was just so excited for its arrival. In total it was roughly 5 weeks which I thought was great seeing as it was made by hand.

OH MY GOSH when it arrived I was absolutely amazed at how identical the horse was to the picture, in fact it was an exact copy right down to every last detail. Both boys love the horse and Little Man shares it with his brother as well which is so cute. Little man was blown away by how he designed the horse and then it came back as a soft toy.

This post is a collaboration with Petplan Equine insurance what do you think to our new addition to the family?

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