30th March 2017

Doing It For The Kids

Our role as parents is usually one where we make sacrifices for our children. It is part of the job and most of us don’t see it as a chore. Even if you are looking at your wardrobe thinking you haven’t bought yourself any new clothes in years, you still go out and come home with a cool jacket, just because you know your son or daughter will love it.

There are lots of ways we put ourselves out for our children and the chances are these small things won’t be appreciated until the kids are a little older. So, forget about that and have a look at some of the ways you can make your children’s lives a little bit cooler.

Firstly, you could become a school supporter. This doesn’t mean that you will be at the school, lurking behind your kids lockers but it could mean you are responsible for organising school trips to Rome or other cool things, this could mean your children get a little bit of say in the matter. Which would make you super cool in their eyes. You can also take the opportunity to find out what policy they have on certain topics which could be of real benefit to both the children and you.

Taking time to get involved with the school does mean you need to make time in your schedule. If you work full time then this could mean having to take time off work, talk to your employee as they may allow you to take a little time out during your working day if you make up for it in the evening.

We also sacrifice our money a lot for the children but that is something we expected. There are so many ways that you can help your children financially without it taking too much of a kick on your own finances.

Teaching your children to save is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Try to help them with this from a young age, taking time to teach them how to manage their finances. Something as simple as a piggy bank which they put their pocket money into can be the basics of a brilliant future saver. As they get older it’s time to step up their responsibility. Perhaps you could encourage them to save by offering to double the money they put by every month. This does mean you’ll be under a little more financial pressure but it is for the greater good. You could take the pressure off by checking your bank account regularly and taking out the pence whenever you check. For example if you have a balance of 86.93 then you take the .93 out and place it in a saver. Do this every few days and you won’t notice the strain. But your savings account will start growing. You can use this money as incentives for helping the kids to save.

Making sacrifices for the kids is part of being a parent, but there are ways you can find a happy balance.

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