19th November 2019

Do you visit the dentist regularly?

Since I was 9 months old I have visited the dentist on a regular basis, every 6 months in fact. As I got older and start going on my own Mum always drummed into me how important it was to keep on top of my regular 6 monthly check ups. It really is so important to look after your teeth because you only get two sets in your whole life. Although I visit regularly it doesn’t stop me being very scared of going to the dentist and this is one of the biggest problems amongst us. Lots and lots of us do not bother going to the dentist because of the fear of what they may say and what treatment we may need if our teeth are not quite up to scratch.

Weybridge Dental practice which is a private dentist in Weybridge Surrey has been looking after peoples teeth since 1978. They say they are proud of their friendly and highly skilled staff members and use cutting edge technology. I know for a fact a friendly face when going to the dentist makes such a difference. I have had the same dentist since I was 7 and I am now 32. He knows I am nervous and just takes his time, explains everything to me and what he is going to do or what is needed. Most of the time on a normal check up my teeth are fine. The boys are ok visiting at the moment I just think they are pretty innocent to what else can happen apart from a normal check up.

Little Man actually has a big tooth which has grown in front of a baby tooth. It has been this way for about 18 months now and our dentist has advised the baby tooth will need to come out. At our last appointment which was 6 weeks ago he gave us 3 months for the tooth to come out and if it hasn’t he asked me to book back in to have the baby tooth taken out. This is Little Mans first experience of any other than a normal check up.

Whilst the dentist is far from my favourite place, invisible braces are something I have been toying with for a long time now. At school I used to be teased for my teeth and it really has had a lasting impact on me. My teeth actually aren’t that bad but because of the relentless teasing its set in me that my teeth need sorting. Paying privately to have invisible braces is something I just can’t seem to shut the book on and I have been doing a lot of research recently. Weybridge Dental do invisible braces and I would be really interested to hear your story if this is something you have gone ahead with.

If you are looking for a general check up or something more complex such as dental implants, braces or even a solution to your dental anxiety then check out the link above and there is a solution for all of your needs. I never knew there were so many different treatments regarding your teeth and smile.

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