18th August 2015

Dennis the Menace and Brewers Fayre

We were lucky enough to be invited to the new Dennis the Menace play area at The Hampton Brewers Fayre on Saturday 15th August. In all honesty we hadn’t eaten here before and so I was looking forward to going and seeing what it was like.

I expected the new play area to be just a small place in the corner of the resteraunt which had a few play things for toddlers and older children. Well when we walked in and saw a really big soft play area I was really surprised. I knew Little Man was going to love it and sure enough he did. As soon as we had sat down Little Man had his shoes off and off he went. The soft play area is a really good size, full of different levels,bridges and slides. I love that they also have baby walkers for little ones that are yet to start walking. They have a toddler area at the bottom with massive bean bags, soft play animal shapes and blocks and a small slide.




For just the launch day Dennis and Gnasher were there, along side a balloon maker and a face painter. The kids were all having a fantastic time running around the new play area, getting lots of different balloon shapes made. Little made had 2 space guns and a rabbit made for him. He had pictures taken with Dennis and Gnasher and had an all round fantastic day.




After play time we had a lovely meal and I have to say it was so organised. We were all called through at 5 minute intervals and so we sat down and had our meals served straight away. The food was lovely and both kids really enjoyed the food. We had smothered chicken with salad, coleslaw and chips and the kids had sausage, mash and peas. We also had dessert chocolate fudge cake, Caramel Apple Betty with custard and the kids had a jelly and ice cream and the other had Strawberry Sundae.

Little Man and Grandad ready to eat


Overall the service was great, the food was great and the new play area is fantastic. We will 100% be visiting again, Little man wont stop asking when we are going back.



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