6th March 2017

Decorating 3 rooms all at once

Recently I decided that it was a good idea to decorate the whole of our upstairs all at the same time. No one in their right mind would try to tackle 3 bedrooms all at once would they? I did and yes it was a nightmare for about 4 weeks, we were living in a total mess. Not only did I decide to decorate all the bedrooms at the same time, we also had new carpet fitted in all the bedrooms on the same day. This was a big mistake and something that I would never recommend to anyone. We basically had to get everything out of all of our bedrooms and out it ‘somewhere’ in order for the carpet to be fitted.

I actually really enjoy DIY and home decorating and feel that I am good at it. I just wish I had tackled one room at a time.

For such a long time my little man had asked for one of his walls to be green and I have always said no. The kids bedrooms have always been painted ivory and I finally agreed to let him have a football green wall. Whilst I wasn’t happy about it, when I made the decision I had to follow through with it. I have to say it actually looks really nice and he loves it. It goes perfectly with his football bedroom and he is a football mad little boy. I used paint from B&Q and the colour we used was called Sherwood, it looks really dark but it is perfect.

(My little helper, on the first coat here)

I knew as soon as I had painted Littles Mans bedroom Bubs would ask for his to be done with a colour as well. His bedroom is light baby blue colours and I agreed to let him have a baby blue wall. I have to say I am so pleased that I have done this for the kids, it makes their rooms look so much more child friendly without being over the top. Don’t forget to use masking tape to make it easier to match up your dark edges with light edges. It is a tip my Mum told me about and it makes things so much easier. I always find that a good quality paint brush as well is always needed. The problem with cheap brushes is that the bristles fall out, they are not level at the end giving you a bad paint job when trying to do the edges. Make sure you cover any furniture in the room as well, luckily we didn’t have this problem as everything had been moved out for the new carpet fitting. If you are looking for any paint items then Engelbert Strauss has a fantastic range of brushes, rollers, furniture covers and much more. They have pretty much everything you need from Office supplies, to paint supplies tools and workwear here. It is always a hit with me when you can buy pretty much everything you need from one place.

Last on the list was our bedroom and we had all new furniture including a bed. This is the last room to be done and it is still in progress. Unfortunately our new bed was delivered before I had time to get it painted. So the new bed is up and the new bedside cabinets are up. The rest of the furniture however needs to be built and the decorating is going to be done this weekend. I like to get all the decorating done myself whilst Doug is out at work. Whilst I knew he would help I really prefer to do it myself (perfectionist at painting)

It feels so much fresher now for the new carpet and paint. I am so happy with how it has all turned out, I will add in some pictures for you. I will update once our bedroom is finished.

Do you let your children have painted coloured walls or was that just me?

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