21st February 2017

“Cooking For A Living”

Modern day mummies tend to be people that can do everything. From nursing, to teaching and cooking, a mother teaches their child everything. Personally, the pastime that I enjoy the most when the kids are at school, or down for a nap, is cooking. In fact, before I knew it, I found myself sharing my recipes and techniques online and quickly developing a group of friends and fans. Through my growing cooking blog, I’m able to connect with culinary fans like me, and even profit from it! To cook for a living doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a chef, even a simple blogging mummy like me will do. Here are 5 tips that I learned, tips that I would encourage anyone to follow if he/she is looking to start a culinary career.

Cooking Lessons: Unless you were born with a spatula in one hand, and a pan in the other, you’re going to need cooking lessons. Not that the lessons have to last years, but having a professional chef help you on your way, and show you some tips and secrets, can only turn out profitable. And once you’re comfortable and know what you’re doing, you can offer your own lessons too! Developing a blog also means that you will have fans asking about your dishes and techniques, what pan or pot is better, and even what temperature you cooked everything at. Sharing your culinary knowledge is a great way to gain notoriety for your blog and yourself as a cook.

Get yourself a type of menu: With the competition being demanding, having a tasty menu up your sleeve as a unique trait will definitely get you far. In fact, once your blog starts to gain a following, offering the hungry home cooks a couple of well thought out, delicious menus will set you a special spot aside in their hearts. By connecting and showing them how to put together a good and original menu, you will keep them coming back for more. Not only will your blog prosper, but including a whole other set of menus available only through a type of membership, will also allow you to economically benefit from your skills.

Cooking for a restaurant: Before you start dreaming about the Michelin stars you want to achieve, you have to start somewhere. Getting a job in a restaurant is not a piece of cake, but rather something that requires determination, passion, and strength. If your starting point is a blog like this one, entry-level jobs are the titles you’re looking for. An easy way to look at kitchens around you is by signing up on websites like uk.jobrapido.com. In fact, up to 2017 there has been a steady rise in businesses posting their vacant positions online. By inserting your desired position and city (possibly one that is developing its culinary field, like Manchester) you will be sure to find quite a few openings. Overall jobs in Manchester are booming lately, but there’s a particular job market growth in the culinary field thanks to Channel4’s “Restaurant Wars: The Battle For Manchester” programme from last year.

YouTube it, and you: In order to show your cooking skills, and how you prepare your dishes, opening a YouTube account will do wonders. Not only will you be able to visually demonstrate the techniques, but your followers will be able to follow along easily too. Opening a YouTube account also means you will have a better chance at increasing your revenue. By using certain products, or cooking tools, companies will notice you and possibly offer you a sponsoring deal. The sponsorship would mean that, in your videos, you would be using the company’s tools (which they would also probably send you for free) and explain how the final result is influenced by said-tool. So you’d be doing what you love, and getting paid for it!

Connect with others: Seeing how cooking is such a fun and rewarding activity, connecting with people that see cooking in the same way will bring you lots of benefits. By connecting with fellow cooks through your blog, you will not only make new friends, but also be able to share doubts and ideas with them. And once you make it into a professional kitchen, connecting with fellow cooks means that you will become a part of a group that understands the initial struggle with finding a kitchen, and will be able to help you through it.

The culinary world is a wonderful place, and being able to cook for a living is a dream. Not only are you doing what you love, but being able to make others happy with food is truly satisfying. Whether they’re family, friends, clients, or blog fans, being admired for what one does is definitely rare; not to mention that you’d never go hungry either! Opening a cooking blog may start out as a hobby, but with the resources and possibilities blogging has, cooking for a living may soon become your profession.

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