15th May 2021

Classic Lite Brite and new Mini review

A little while ago I was in a toy shop and I saw these Lite Brite’s, at the time I wasn’t sure what they were so passed by them for my sons birthday. After now receiving one of these large ones and a mini to review I have realised that was a big mistake. Over lockdown unfortunately like many other kids my boys have both ended up having to much PS time which isn’t good for them but its happened. Now we are emerging and getting back to some kind of normal I really want the kids to spend more time off screens and do other fun things. Lite Brite have really helped because both of my boys age 6 and 10 have both loved playing with this.

Lite Brite is a board with lots of holes and coloured pegs that you pop in the holes to make any amazing picture, you can then turn the light on behind to light the pegs up. Lite Brite comes with some pictures you can use or you can make your own. You get one classic board with a stand on the back, 200 colour pegs, 6 picture templates and instructions on how to use although it is very self explanatory.

This is one my youngest created himself. Its a house with a very tall flow and the sky

We did do some of the pre made pictures, however the boys actually preferred to create their own designs. They made pictures and patterns all of which were beautiful.

Maxwell decided to make the elephant on a ball from the pre made designs and it looked really good. Even if you are making these in a light place its still just as much fun as when it is dark and they light up.

The Lite Brite is suitable for ages 4+ and I think this is mainly due to the very small parts which young children could choke on. You can buy from John Lewis for £17.99 which I actually think is a great price for the many hours of fun this has already bought to our household.

This is an example of one of the pre made pictures you can use. It tells you the colours to use and where to place the coloured pegs.

We have also recently bought a touring caravan and so I am always on there look out for fun things we can take with us that can easily be stored on our caravan. This is perfect to take away with us, however Lite Brite have now introduced a Mini to the family, also from John Lewis and costing £9.99 It is the perfect toy to take in the car, pack in a holiday bag, take overnight for a sleep over at friend or family houses.

Personally my favourite is the larger one as it is still a good size to take out for the day with you and also gives more space for imagination of the young minds. I do like the idea of the smaller one for maybe friends birthday presents though.

Hope you have as much fun creating as we have.

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