18th August 2017

Chicken pox and ViraSooth

Chicken Pox is very common in the UK and doesn’t really have any massively bad side effects. Most children will catch Chicken Pox at some point and I think the worst part has to be the itching.

I remember when Little man was almost 3 he ended up catching it from nursery. We were on a day out at Woburn safari and I noticed tiny little blisters appearing on his skin. throughout the day there were more and more appearing and I just knew straight away it was Chicken Pox. I called up his nursery and they advised they had quite a few confirmed cases so I knew he had caught it from there.

I always thought when the time came I would get calamine lotion and cover his body in it, however when I went to the chemist they advised to use ViraSooth which was something I had never heard of before. I decided to give it a try and see how we would get on with it.

ViraSooth is clinically proven to relieve the distressing symptoms of chicken pox. I say distressing because for very young children the itching can be unbearable. The product can be bought as a gel or spray and we used the cooling gel which I kept in the fridge so it was really cool when putting it on the skin. VeraSooth is different to Calamine and Antihistamine because it is designed to rapidly stop the persistent itch. the problem with itching is children will scratch and then can end up with an infection which no one wants for their child. So the fact that ViraSooth is designed to rapidly take away that itch is perfect for young ones.

The product can be used for children over 6 months old and used between 2-3 times or day or when needed.

At the moment we have been lucky enough for Bubs to not have caught chicken pox however I am sure that he will at some point as its very common and spreads very easily.

How did we get on with it?
When we were using it for Little Man I was originally sceptical as chicken Pox and Calomine lotion are are match… however this ViraSooth was amazing. Little man was almost 3 and try telling a 3 year old to not itch when they are itching like crazy. ViraSooth was great and stopped him itching all over, ¬†feel like it worked very quickly and really helped to calm him down. He was absolutely covered from head to toe and it was so upsetting to see. We have one small scar where he pulled off one of the scabs from itching and I think that is down to ViraSooth and helping to stop the itching so fast after use. We had to apply about 4 times a day and once through the night but its great that you can apply when ever it is needed. I would highly recommend the product to anyone who has a child with Chicken Pox. Whilst it is more expensive you can’t really put a price on making your child comfy as quickly as possible.

You find it to buy at most chemists including Boots and supermarkets.

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