19th October 2014

Bubs update: 4 weeks old

I really can’t believe I am writing a quick update saying that Bubs is now 4 weeks old. It really is crazy to think not long ago I was doing pregnancy updates. Now here I a with a 4 week old that I just can’t leave alone.

I am so in love with our new baby and I want to hold, cuddle, squish and kiss all the time. This is our last baby and I just want to make the most if every single second of him being a baby.


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We have had a few ups and downs with his feeding but all is now great. At 4 weeks he wants 4oz bottles every 3 hours in the day and 4 at night. As of today Bubs¬†weighs 10lbs 14 oz that’s a whole 1lbs 11oz he has put on in 4 weeks. The first week he lost almost 1lbs in weight but now we are defiantly on the up and the weight is just going on every weigh in we have.

Bubs is quite tall for his age and is now in 0-3 months baby grows due to being so long. He is however still in newborn or first size tops and trousers.

Little man absolutely loves him and like me doesn’t want to leave him alone. I have to tell him not to crowd Bubs as he gets in his face a lot.

one thing that the other half didn’t want is for Bubs to have a dummy. I however gave him one and he loves it. I gave him the dummy while the other half was at work one day. I had to own up due to Bubs crying for the dummy as he enjoyed it so much. I will try taking this away from him around 6 months old.



It feels really good. I feel like we have a complete family now and we are all so happy. Having a new baby comes with its challenges especially when you’re not getting much sleep. However I have to say it has been a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Yes I am tired but nowhere near as tired as I thought I would be. It has also been a lot easier to spread my time between the 2 boys than I thought it would be. This is something I was really worried about.

I am absolutely loving being a mummy again and I am making the most of every second knowing our family is now complete.

First time out with both boys on my own to Tesco

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  1. i still havent ventured out with both of them on my own! haha

  2. Its lovely that little man is interested.

  3. Laura Corrall says:

    Aww so cute, you’re very brave to venture out with both of them on your own. I still get petrified with both my girls on my own.

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